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Saturday, October 01, 2022

CEO Havi-lah Golden Events, Oluwayemisi, says no end to knowledge - ITREALMS

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The CEO Havi-lah Golden Events, Lagos, Oluwayemisi Okikiolu, spoke to ITREALMS' GBEMI OMOTOSO on a number of issues. She believes in multiple streams of income and no end to knowledge.
CEO Havi-lah Golden Events, Lagos, Oluwayemisi Okikiolu

Your educational background?
I attended Our Lady Of Apostle Private School Sabo, Yaba,Lagos-86 Set; Reagan Memorial Baptist Girls Secondary-93 Set and holds a B.A in English from Ogun State University Ago Iwoye-2000 set, whereas my NYSC in 2001.

What's your specialization in the industry?
I'm into cakes, pastries, smallchops, cocktails, indoor and outdoor catering likewise gifts and hampers because I believe in multiple streams of income.

Have you worked in the corporate world?
Yes, I have worked with Links Options as an audit officer for five years after my NYSC.

After your national service, you worked for 5years, how was the experience?
The experience was awesome because I worked with accountants.

What led you into the cakes and catering services?
Well, my passion and the desire to do my things and creativity. I also did Food and Nutrition during my Senior Secondary classes where I developed passion for baking and cooking.

How have you been to stay in touch in the industry?
To be the best in the industry, I have gone for different trainings to enchance my skills in order to stay relevant. I had trainings at El-Royalithos Cakes & Catering, Cakes and Food domain, Bummy Cakes all in Lagos State. In this baking and catering services you learn and re-learn because there's no end to knowledge.

How many years have you been in the industry?
Specifically, I have been baking and cooking for 20 years, still counting ....

product of Havi-lah Golden Events, Lagos
How do you manage stress when handling back to back bookings/orders?
Hhmmm....as much as I love cooking, my good health is a priority. I don't overworked, then I delegate duties to my staff because teamwork is topnotch in this industry for effective, competent and reliable delivery. Also, I rest when there's no order to regain more health.

How would you describe the baking industry?
The baking industry is emerging with new techniques everyday which has carved a good niche for the industry. There're different bakers with different talents and creativity. However, the sky is the limit for the industry.

How has it been since you started baking?
Waoh! It's been good, since I stopped office work; it has been such a great experience. To God be the Glory, it has been a wonderful experience because baking and cooking has been paying my bills.

What's your signature in cake industry?
I'm a Queen expertise in Butter Icing, Royal Icing, Fondant Icing and whipped Cream.

Your memorable day?
Hhmmm ..it was my first wedding cake. I have been doing birthday cakes, snacks. However, one of my customers said it was her daughter's wedding and she wants me to do her cake because she liked my birthday cakes. 
The wedding was in Abeokuta while, I was like how do I bake wedding cake and take it to Abeokuta without anything happening to it like cake accident; this got me scared. Then, I baked, designed the cake, drove to Abeokuta in one piece. No cake accident, no dent nor complaint. The couple were glad with the cake designs plus taste likewise the guests this made me happy.

Any challenges in the industry and how did you overcome it?
(Sighs) the high price of ingredients in the market is worrisome. For instance,customers send me cake picture and indicate the exact designs but when cake prices are given, it's high because of the costly cake materials which is threatening the industry. However, I made my clients agree with me based on my healthy cake.

Do you think there should be price regulations in cake industry and how realistic is this?
There are many bakers all over Nigeria with different prices of ingredients, equipment vary depending on location. Eg-a bag of flour can be #30k in Lagos and #35k in Port Harcourt. If the selling price in the markets can be regulated then the cost prices can be regulated.

What does it entails to be a Chef?
Passion and training.

Your likes and dislikes?
I like baking, cooking, reading and travelling, while I dislikes laziness.

How do you unwind? 
I reads .

How do you see yourself from others perception?
I don't know about others but I'm always myself. Jovial, freewill, pleasant in nature and a goal-getter.

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