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Saturday, July 09, 2022

Royal icing queen, Oluwafunmilayo Afolabi says teamwork brings out the best - ITREALMS

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Computer Science graduate turned royal icing queen and chief Baker at Sought Out Confectionery, Mrs Oluwafunmilayo  Afolabi, says teamwork brings out the best among team. She spoke to GBEMI OMOTOSO of ITREALMS.


Royal icing queen & CEO Soughtout Confectionery, Mrs Oluwafunmilayo  Afolabi

Can you introduce yourself?
I'm Oluwafunmilayo  Afolabi, born into the family of Mr. and Mrs.Dosumu from Iperu-Remo. 
I was born and  raised in Ibadan,Oyo State; a devout Christian, happily married to Mr. Omokolade Afolabi and blessed with three children, i.e 2 boys and a girl.

Your educational background?
I attended Methodist Agodi E9 primary School  in Ibadan, Oyo State, from 1985 -1991. 
Then, proceeded to Urban Day Grammar School, Ibadan from 1991-1996.

While my tertiary Institutions were Polytechnic Ibadan , Ordinary National Diploma (OND) Computer Studies, from 1998 -2000 then BSc in  Computer Science from Lagos State University (LASU) Ojoo, Lagos, from 2000-2004.

What is your brand name and how did you coined it?
My brand name is "Sought Out Confectionery" 
Actually, I got my brandname  based on inspiration by the Holy Spirit  during one of my meditation. Initially, I was using Mc Kojo but God gave me a name and since I stated using the name he proved himself greatly.

At first, I didn't really like the name because it looks too spiritual but it has been the best for me.

Do you have a background knowledge in baking or what prompts your entrance in Cake Industry?

Cooking and baking is a family thing, my grandfather was a good cook, he was the first person to produce canned juice, canned jollof and egusi soup in the whole of Nigeria with a company named Akeson food Industries in Iseyin, Oyo State some years ago, but I was told that he supplied the canned food during the war. While,I also met him producing the products before he died few months to my 10th birthday, he was a good Baker as well.

However, inorder to be the best in the Cake Industry, I did some training  with Bunmis cake, mix and bake, Cakes and candy, R and Y.

How many years experience in cake industry?
Smiles.... it's close to 20years.

What goes into producing a  great cake?
Quality ingredients, patience and creativity.

What is the most rewarding part of being a baker? 
The most rewarding part for me is seeing my student's cake design; excels in their business growth, this makes me feel satisfied and more fulfilled that I have impacted lives.

What is the most difficult part of creating a cake design?
Creating a design has never been a problem for me because I commit my ways to God everyday whom inspires me.

Your likes and dislikes?
Truthfulness and neatness. While I dislikes lies and liars.

How do you assess yourself from others perception?
I don't know other's perception about me, but all I  know is that Grace is my story and God has been faithful to me.

What different frosting methods do you know how to use?
Buttercream, Fondant, whippedcream and royal icing.

How do you unwind?
I listens to music and dance most especially with my children.

Your best working tools?
Pallet knife, turntable, hairbrush and my nozzles.

How do you manage your time while working back to back?
Before, once I'm working, I don't stop until the job is done, but now I delegate duties to my staff.

How do you maintain a healthier lifestyle?
Through exercise and vitamin supplements.

Cake by Soughtout Confectionery

Your daily routine?
I don't go to work on Mondays unless it's very important, while baking classes are from Tuesdays to Thursdays.

Your memorable day?
Smiles...the day I had my first child, the joy of motherhood is awesome.

What is your view about teamwork?

Teamwork is the best because it brings about coordination, more creativity and an outstanding success.

With the recent hike in baking materials, how has your clients tend to the increments?

We tried to explain to them and most of them are resonable enough.

What do you do in situations where customers are disastified with their speciality cake order?

It has only happened once, but it wasn't our fault. A boy cartoon characters Cake was the mother's choice; while an apology saved the day.

What would you do if a distressed customer came requesting a complex cake for a wedding the next day?

Fix a dummy.

What is your view about mentorship in the industry?

Mentoship is very important in every spheres of life.

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Great you Funmi, more wisdom.

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