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Friday, March 11, 2022

I rely on social media referrals says Gbadebo - ITREALMS

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The imperative of social media cannot be over-emphasised as it becomes a referral source, according to Abiodun Adebayo Gbadebo of Abbey Cakes and Events in this chat with ITREALMS correspondent GBEMI OMOTOSO.


Gbadebo of Abbey Cakes & Events
 How did you get into baking industry?

 I got into the baking industry during my university days as an undergraduate of Ekiti State University, Ado-Ekiti. Initially, I was inspired by my boss whom we both attended the same church whom saw the zeal in me and tutor me.

Have you ever worked elsewhere before venturing into baking?

 Yes, I was an Accountant at one of the new generation banks before I quitted and ventured fully in the baking/events industry.

Why did you leave the corporate world to baking Industry?

I stopped due to the stress and the pay which was not as much as I'm gaining now; being an Entrepreneur is a great success to me.

What keeps you going in event decorations and planning?

To be sincere, God has been my backbone thereby promoting me. Also,  referrals from friends and relatives cannot be undermine.

What has been your experience over the years?

It has not been easy with the recent economic downturn. The high cost of baking materials just to mention a few as well.

How many years have you been in the industry?

It's been five (5) years and still counting.

What's your view about Mentors and do you have one?

I like the idea of mentoring because it helps to put one through in his or her chosen career. I don't shy away from seeking knowledge and advice from different bosses whom I sees as my mentors.

How did you get your customer and what do you do to ensure their continued patronages?

My customers are based on referrals likewise through the social media as well as my religious place of worship.

Which of the industry do you prefer most and at ease with-baking or event decorations?


Both industries are based on my passion-driven because I'm at ease to exhibit my creativity when in my cake studio or at the event. Though they are both tasking and stressful but I've been able to scale through.

In the aspect of event decorations, what do you like most?

My stage and floral arrangements, as this is the focal point of every event-stage.

How do you manage stress without compromising your health and Cake delivery?

I'm used to stress if you’re into baking. You’re going to get used to stress, as there's time to relax as well.

What was your worst experience as a baker?

I can vividly remembered the day the wedding cake collapsed (cake accident) while I improvised to amend it for the event.

Do you have any special recipe?

No. I used the same recipes and it has been perfect.

Any challenges so far in the industry?

Many challenges, but thanks to God for his grace which keeps me moving.

If given a juicy offer, would you opt to the 8am-4pm job and why?

No, because I don’t like sitting somewhere for a long hours as I prefers moving around.  I love to move around.

How do you handle difficult and arrogant customers?

By smiling and saying I'm sorry because customers are always right.

Any memorable day?

Many! All glory to God, I'm fulfilled.

Any embarrassing moment?

A lot as there is no job that doesn't has shortcomings (embarrassment) Just that one needs to be focused and determined to achieve success.

 What is your advice to newcomers in the industry?

They should just give the best of their time to learn and understand the rudiments involved in Cake chemistry. Also, they should pray and allow God to show himself. 

What is your take on entrepreneurship?                                                                                                                                      

Waoh! Beautiful questions! Entrepreneurship is a great skill which every youth must acquire because it's advantages is far greater as it allows you to apply your potentials in being more productive for greater success. Also, once you can get connections I believe the sky is the starting point.

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