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Monday, November 12, 2018

5G roll out: Stakeholders must get involved says study - ITREALMS

The challenges associated with rolling out 5G and improving mobile coverage cannot be addressed by mobile operators alone, but require close cooperation from stakeholders including politicians, regulators, municipalities, site owners, infrastructure providers, and users, reports ITREALMS.

This charge was contained in research note reviewing the lessons that Strand Consult conducted on the United States of America (USA), United Kingdom, Brazil, Chile, Denmark and other countries.

“It offers insight for operators and regulators facing such challenges, particularly to address municipalities and site owners which exploit the social process of deploying infrastructure for private gain. It’s time that the mobile industry to take the problem seriously and make resolving it a strategic priority,” part of the review read.

The newest Strand Consult´s research project “How to maximize 5G: Best practices for infrastructure, regulation and business models” sighted by ITREALMS, identified the 10 requirements for 5G to be a success.

ITREALMS also reports that one of the key challenges for mobile operators today is to deploy 4G and 5G infrastructure on reasonable conditions.

ITREALMS report, that the study which took place on five (5) continents, saw many governments wanting a fast-tracked deployment of next generation networks, Strand Consult consistently finds a few city leaders which exploit the process for self-interest rather than maximizing the quality and coverage for the community as a whole.

The report also indicted political class over several promises to citizens to better mobile coverage and access to 5G, politicians are good to promise the people that their country will be first.

“It takes little effort to hold a press conference and make a press release, but it’s something else to build a multi-stakeholder policy that works. We can see this in the Nordic countries in which 5 prime ministers issued a proclamation that the Nordic countries would be first in 5G, but they never bothered to talk to the mobile operators in the region. The Nordic region may have been first to launch 2G, 3G and 4G, but when it comes to 5G, it is almost two years behind the United States and China,” the chief executive officer, John Strand said.

On the costs of building and running mobile infrastructure, ITREALMS reports that its one of the biggest costs for mobile operators.

“The cost can increase when cities and property owners realize that they have a monopoly on the site where a mobile operator needs to build. Cities restrict the process not only by increasing the rental price, but by imposing increased requirements for site application and approval, delaying the process for deployment by months, if not years. Strand Consult estimates that about one-fifth of planned infrastructure is either delayed or never built because local authorities make it too difficult to deploy,” he said.

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