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Monday, November 19, 2018

Why I convened Child Online Safety NG says Olamide Thompson-Odeneye - ITREALMS

With over 13-year work experience as Sales, Marketing and Business Operations professional in the Information Technology (IT) sector, Olamide Thompson-Odeneye holds a Diploma in Computer Science, B.Sc in Statistics from the University of Ilorin and PGD in Management from The Lagos State University amongst other IT related certifications. Today, she ventured into Child Online Safety (COS) NG as the convener, sharing with us why COS has become expedient for Nigerian children. She spoke to ITREALMS Editor, REMMY NWEKE.Excerpts:
ITREALMS: Lets meet you briefly?
Olamide Odeneye:   My name is Olamide Thompson-Odeneye. A multi-skilled sales expert with over 13-year experience in the Information Technology (IT) industry. Currently the convener of Child Online Safety NG. A group focusing on pushing cybersecurity awareness to children.

Also, Olamide has various certifications from various Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) as a seasoned anti-virus expert and was the pioneer Vice Chairman of the Lagos Branch of Cyber Security Experts Association of Nigeria. She just finished her tenure as the chairman of the same Branch. She is also a member of the Experts Group (under the Senate committee on ICT and Cybercrime), She Secures and Women in Cyber Security.
She works with Zenith Technology Limited as a product manager and is currently the convener of Child Online Safety NG. A group of Professionals, Educators and concerned parents who have volunteered to push cybersecurity awareness to children and to equip children/teachers/parents with the skills they need to remain safe online.

ITREALMS: Tell us more on this Child Online Safety NG and its activities?

Olamide Odeneye: At Child Online Safety NG, we are a group of professionals, educators and concerned parents who are interested in pushing cybersecurity awareness, internet safety and Netiquttes to children in Nigeria.

ITREALMS: When was it formed or established?
Child Online Safety NG was formed in September 2018.

ITREALMS: What was the inspiration of forming this Child Online Safety NG?

Olamide Odeneye: We discovered there was a gap and no one was discussing the possible dangers online or how the children can remain secure while on the Internet.

ITREALMS: So, do you have any upcoming event or future plan for this project.

Olamide Odeneye: We joined up the Kenya Cybersecurity and forencsics association to push their CORA campaign in Nigeria. It is interesting to note that the same campaign was also adopted in Gambia and Rwanda.


Olamide Odeneye: CORA stands for Child Online Risk Awareness campaign
ITREALMS: Congratulations, so what are we expecting anytime soon from the group and do you have any targets?

Olamide Odeneye: This started in September and we have had the opportunity to visit a few schools to talk to the students, attend parent forums and generally any other event that affords us such an opportunity.
We were lucky to also be listed as Stop Think Connect partners just this month. We also spoke on Child Online Safety at the just concluded US Consulate Lagos Cybersecurity Awareness programme in October.
Very grateful to my friends at International Center for Leadership and Development for the collaborative efforts we have both had in reaching out to children during NCSAM.

ITREALMS: How many of these children do you intend to cover in the next one year or two?

Olamide Odeneye: We are hoping to be able to reach as many children as possible.
2019 will be our kick off year as we are currently solidifying relationships with similar groups who work with children so we can have a better outreach.
We are also studying the success of CORA campaigns that ran in the other African countries with a view to implementing some of those ideas here in Nigeria.
Also, we were also lucky to have had the opportunity to discuss internet safety with Children who were invited to the "catch them young" session at the just concluded CYSEC conference in Abuja which took place in October.

ITREALMS: Now what advice do you have for parents or children as the case may be on managing online safety in Nigeria?

Olamide Odeneye: We hope to have 4 major meet-ups next year to further help us to reach more children in addition to our school visitations.
Olamide Odeneye: 1.online safety starts at home. We advise parents to ensure all their software is updated; (2) We talk to them about ensuring they use very good passwords. (3) We talk about the important of supervision and monitoring the activities of their children online. (4) Ensure privacy settings are turned on for the various apps or websites they visit.
It’s important for parents to also learn how to become trusted adults that children can come freely if they have anything that upsets or confuses them online
For the kids, we discuss the SMART rules.

ITREALMS: So, what is SMART rules?

Olamide: SMART rules are for online safety, so the SMART rules have been developed to help keep children and young people safe online.
S encourages users to stay safe by not giving out personal information online.
M highlights the dangers of meeting someone who you only know online.
A warns users that accepting emails, pictures or texts from unknown people can be risky.
R reminds users that information they find online may not always be reliable.
T encourages children to always tell a parent, carer or trusted adult if something or someone online makes them feel uncomfortable.

Can you share with us your social media handle?
Olamide Odeneye: Social media handle is @safety-ng and mine is @Miiday to follow our activities. Volunteers are welcome, they can email us at admin@cos.org.ng or funmi@cos.org.ng

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Thrive said...

Lamide, great to know there are SMART rules for keeping our children safe online. We look forward to more from you.

Christa said...

Great job , awareness is key for both kids and their parents . Well done .

Unknown said...

Well done ma. This is a very good initiative. God bless you for this.

Unknown said...

Keep up the good work. Proud of you and look forward to 2019.

Anonymous said...

Great job.

DozieOhaji said...

This is an increasingly relevant area. Thanks for taking the initiative to tackle it.