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Friday, November 23, 2018

Nokia introduces 'Future X' - ITREALMS

Nokia has introduced its 'Future X for industries' strategy and architecture, developed by Bell Labs, to drive dramatic productivity improvements across a wide range of industry sectors, reports ITREALMS.

As technologies such as industrial Internet of Things (IIoT); edge cloud supporting augmented intelligence and advanced security analytics; and end-to-end 5G capable networks become a reality, they will radically speed up the digital transformation of industries such as manufacturing, logistics, transportation and energy, as well as governments and cities.

Nokia's holistic approach promises to help drive a new era of productivity and human-machine interaction that will unlock trillions of dollars of economic value in the next decade.

To date, the digitalization and automation of enterprises has yielded productivity benefits, predominantly by shifting business support functions from physical to digital operations. While these gains have been notable, only about 30 percent of enterprises - largely in IT-centric industries - have been able to realize the 'digital opportunity'. 

Importantly, traditional asset-intensive industries - which comprise more than two-thirds of GDP in the U.S. - have yet to experience the full benefits of this digital transformation, known as Industry 4.0.

Physical industries depend on a variety of emerging business- and mission-critical applications that, when digitized and automated, offer the potential to make power grids smarter, factories more productive, the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) responsive and reliable, cities safer and more livable and much, much more. 

In short, there is the potential to transform human existence and radically enhance industries and infrastructure in what will be the 4th industrial revolution.

Nenye Dom/GEE

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