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Friday, November 23, 2018

Wanted! A generation of robots says Dell - ITREALMS

Dell Technologies has obviously declared wanted, a generation of robots, saying that Gen Zers are tech-savvy, but lack needed soft skills and crave more human interaction; even so, senior professionals fear displacement by digital natives, reports ITREALMS.

Generation Z, ITREALMS gathered, is entering the workforce with a tech-first mentality that will propel businesses further into the digital era while potentially deepening the divide among five generations in the workplace.

According to global research commissioned by Dell Technologies, post-millennials – those born after 1996 and known as Gen Z – have a deep, universal understanding of technology and its potential to transform how we work and live.

Corporate fellow and vice president of Technology Strategy, Dell Technologies, Danny Cobb, said that these digital natives have advanced technology and data science skills, but what is surprising is the level of digital maturity they are bringing to the workplace.

“Yet we haven’t raised a generation of robots. Gen Z sees technology not only as a tool for enabling human progress, but also as a means for leveling the information empowerment playing field. Their combination of vision and optimism is remarkable,” Cobb said.

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