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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Zinox delivers Divine Notebook to CANi beneficators

In living up to its promise, the management of Zinox Technologies Limited, has announced the commencement of delivery of its latest in stock, Zinox Divine Notebook to the beneficiaries of the Computer for All Nigerians Initiative (CANi) at all levels.

Disclosing this, the Chief Executive, Computerize Nigeria Project (CNP), Mrs. Vivian Abii, informed that the decision to supply its latest premium quality Divine Notebook, was in fulfillment of the Zinox pledge to offer world-class quality systems to Nigerians at all times.

She also said that as a strategic partner in the CANi project CNP considered it a patriotic responsibility to ensure that Nigerians got durable systems from the initiative and not the low quality systems that were ordered.

Mrs. Abii added that as usual, profit was not a major consideration for Zinox Computers, stressing that the Personal Computer (PC) giant, is more interested in supplying systems that work year after year in order to grow the industry and develop the nation.

She explained that this systems which are flexible and upgradeable Notebooks, are the latest in the global laptop market and are Microsoft Vista compliant, just as the series come with standard 512 Mega Bytes (MB) Random Access Memory (RAM), 15.4 ultra-wide Thin Film Transistor (TFT), Digital Video Display cum Compact Disc (DVD/CD) Writer, Fax Modem, Net Trace – theft tracking device, Executive drop proof leather bag, and a 13-month comprehensive No-Story-Warranty.

Mrs. Abii also said that Zinox would be supplying the high quality notebook because of the belief that only high quality systems would make the CANi project meaningful.

“Zinox Divine Notebook would compliment the quality desktop, the Zinox Power PC, which Zinox Computers is supplying to CANi,” she said, noting that the Power PC is a product designed and manufactured in association with Intel and certified by Microsoft.

“This high quality PC is a sleek and elegant personal computer with full features,” she said, adding that Intel Corporation’s team of engineers supervised the production; hence the Power PC has Intel’s seal of authority and guarantee.

According to her, the Power PC runs on Intel mobile processor 1.2 Gega Hertz (GHz), 256MB RAM, 40 Hard Disk Drive (HDD), 10/100 NIC, Fax Modem, CD Random Only Memory x 56, international keyboard and mouse.

She emphasized that Microsoft Window XP Starter Edition and 15” CRT Monitor or 15” TFT screen are optional for those who want Power PC.

“The Zinox Power PC runs on optimal power consumption and faster bus, and has anti-shock device. It comes standard with unparalleled 12 months comprehensive no-story-warranty by Intel and Zinox,” Mrs. Abii said.

She further said that both high quality systems represent not just the Zinox Computers commitment to the CANi project but the company’s undivided faith in the Nigerian enterprise.

“The Zinox Divine Notebook and the Zinox Power PC consolidate the quality vision of Zinox Computers and our understanding that there is only one standard – the world-class quality standard. Therefore, even the systems supplied to CANi must be world-class in spite of the concept to extend computer ownership to the masses, most of them being first time users,” she said.

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