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Thursday, April 05, 2007

SecureWave appoints ProxyNet sole distributor

LEADING provider of end-point security solutions has named an indigenous security solution provider, ProxyNet, its sole distributor in the sub-Saharan Africa.

The deal is focusing on SecureWave’s Sanctuary Device and Application Control solution, which is touted as most viable among competition and in use by over 1,300 enterprises globally.

Disclosing this, Managing Director, ProxyNet Communications Limited, Mr. Ifeanyi Ozo-Onyali, said in Lagos, that as the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) market in the sub-region grows, the need to be certain that transferred date are well secure becomes imperative.

“There is need to ensure that no data is allowed to be transferred to external storage devices until the administrator sets up authorization,” he said.

He stressed that the solution assists industries and organizations initiate and implement policies for device and application use that prevails over current operational challenges as well as that of tomorrow’s security.

He explained that the solution, enable protection of companies against current and future security risks, thus facilitating a unique method that affords only authorised applications to run and strictly on authorized devices especially in connection to a network, via laptop or personal computer.

This, he also said eases security and systems management, whereas availing necessary flexibility to the organization.

Mr. Ozo-Onyali, further noted that SecureWave End-Point solution has a number of ways to keep tabs on traffic, including data transfer throttling and file type filtering.

“SecureWave sets the bar with two different types of encryption-centralized, which allows administrators to set the requirements, and decentralize, meaning an authorized user can decide when to encrypt, additionally, you can export keys to a file or to the portable device for access to encrypted media offline,” he added.

As said by him, ProxyNet concentrating on deployment of network cum data security solutions, enterprise storage solutions and systems integration whose business is channel driven to providing integrated turnkey technology solutions to the financial, telecommunications, government, and oil and blue chip sectors in the sub-region.

Rapid adaptation to portable storage devices and removable media such as iPods, Personal Digital Assistants (PDA) and Universal Serial Bus (USB) among others, has unveiled the further need for security professionals tasked with maintaining the confidentiality, integrity and availability of sensitive corporate information.

Just as he said ProxynNet is equal to the task of addressing the challenges related with removable media and outline best practices for developing a multi-layered approach to neutralising potential threats, including discovering what media was used to connect to users’ corporate endpoints by establishing a clear written policy, deploying a solution to enforce it and being able to audit and report on activities as they relate to the policy.

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