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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

TV firms urged to take part in Channel O bid

Pan African Digital Satellite Television (DSTv) music entity, Channel O, has urged Nigerian television production companies to take part in the channel’s proposals for a 13-part, 30-minute, weekly, original music show to be based in Nigeria and to focus on local artistes.

Public Relations and Communication Officer at MultiChoice Nigeria, proprietors of Channel O in the country, Mr. Segun Fayose, said that they look forward for an entertaining, exciting programmes with a distinctly West African flavour.

He also said that Channel O is encouraging producers who wish to submit their work to ‘break boundaries’ in terms of content and format design.

He said that TV companies interested in pursuing a working relationship with Channel O should submit their proposals to the channel.

“Each proposal should be no longer than 10 pages and should include a detailed creative treatment, a summary format document, a preliminary budget and a basic production timeline,” he explained.

Mr. Fayose added that bidding companies should keep in mind that the success of any production is dependent on the talent of its creative personnel, as all proposals to Channel O should also include detailed information on directors, producers, writers and production managers.

MultiChoice spokesman said that bidding companies should ensure they provide proof of the company registration, details of the members of the company, banking and auditing information, a list of programmes they have created in the past five years and two references.

He tasked bidders to ensure that the total budget available for the production is USD 60,000 and Channel O will allocate this budget based on the scope and scale of the selected new format.
Mr. Fayose further said that Channel O encourages producers to seek sponsorship, as the channel would like to work with Nigerian business to develop brand synergies and mutually beneficial partnerships.

He added that dependent on proposals, Channel O has plan to begin production on the new show in July this year for later screening.Mr. Fayose said that proposals must be submitted to Channel O before May 15 and could be electronic mail (e-mailed) to sndebele@mnet.co.za.

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