Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Race Telecom unveils 7-Always-On

Lagos-based Value Added Service (VAS) company, Race Telecommunications International Limited, has introduced Seven Always-On Mail Enterprise edition into the nation’s Information and Communications Technology (ICT) market.

Chief Executive, Race Telecoms, Mr. Theo Manafa, said that Seven Always-On mail enterprise edition, enables users to keep in touch.

“Seven Always-On means that key people must be able to participate in the flow of information in real time wherever they are,” he declared, stressing that the solution extends business information as well as enterprise and private messaging out to mobile devices without any interaction by the users.

He explained that it helps managers to make better decisions faster, professional services people serve their clients better, sales people make more sales, and everyone communicate better.

“Seven Always-On Mail is designed around the user rather than the needs of technology, a principle which won it the prestigious award for Best Corporate Wireless Application in 3GSM World Congress in 2003 and a nomination for the same prize in 2005,” he said.

According to him, all technical details, including wireless connectivity, security and programme updates, are transparent and with real-time push technology.

“There’s no need for synchronization and no delays in getting the latest information and acting on it. Users can take their e-mail, Personal Information Manager (PIM) functions and desktop applications for granted and take them anywhere to use anytime, online or offline,” Mr. Manafa said.

He emphasised that Seven Always-On mail is a full mobile office offering for mobile operators and service providers, just as it delivers all the benefits of real-time enterprise and private messaging and with a very comfortable user experience and end-to-end security.

“It brings all the key components that users are familiar with when using Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes, or Internet email on their desktop and provides access to them, over the air, from users’ Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) or smart phone,” he said.

Mr. Manafa pointed out that Seven Always-On mail is offered as a managed service also known as licensed software integrated in the mobile operator’s network.

“Always-On Mail allows mobile operators to offer a complementary offering to BlackBerry, a True Push functionality for 3rd party devices, or as a competitive offering to BlackBerry with a full differentiation advantage from operator-branding, customisation and control,” he said.

As said by him, the unique technology powering Seven Always-On Mail enables the user to deploy the solution in minutes without entering a single configuration into the device, making it feasible for a non-technical user to enjoy the benefits immediately.

“Direct device installation also allows pre-installation by the device manufacturer or value added distributor, and distribution on memory cards, or on an operator’s mobile application portal,” he said.

He added that Seven as a brand, is the global leader in Push Email software, hence controlling about 70 per cent share of the mobile email market in most Asian countries including Japan.

“Over 115 top mobile operators are deploying Seven as their preferred push email solution around the world and in Nigeria, through Race Telecoms, most banks and large corporations are currently running trials of the enterprise editions, whilst some are already deploying the full versions to their mobile workforce,” Mr. Manafa said.

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