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Wednesday, February 08, 2023

'Zero-Copy Integration’ innovation framework becomes national standard @Canada - ITREALMS

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The Standards Council of Canada, has published CAN/CIOSC 100-9, Data governance – Part 9 on Zero-Copy Integration for open access by the public, reports ITREALMS.
The Digital Governance Council (formerly the CIO Strategy Council) and Data Collaboration Alliance as the proponents of CAN/CIOsC 100-9 on data governance.

The new standard provides organizations with a framework to accelerate the delivery of digital innovation projects – including applications, automations, AI/ML, and analytics – while navigating increasingly strict data protection regulations, such as Canada’s proposed Consumer Privacy Protection Act (CPPA), Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and the California Privacy Rights Act (CPRA), as well as the escalating risk and inefficiency associated with data silos and copy-based data integration.

“By eliminating silos and copies from new digital solutions, Zero-Copy Integration offers great potential in public health, social research, open banking, and sustainability,” said Keith Jansa, CEO at the Digital Governance Council. “These are among the many areas in which essential collaboration has been constrained by the lack of meaningful control associated with traditional approaches to data sharing.”

The Honourable Colin Deacon, Senator for Nova Scotia, added: “Meaningful control of data – who can access it, how it can be used, and even the ability to correct or delete it – grants individuals and organizations real agency and increases trust and participation in the digital ecosystem. Globally, data protection standards and legislation are already moving in this direction. By combining greater control of data with more efficient development of digital solutions, the Zero-Copy Integration standard represents a significant step towards Canada's prosperity in the digital age.”

“Standards play a key role in determining how we structure, secure and govern data,” said Chantal Guay, CEO at the Standards Council of Canada (SCC). “Through our Innovation Initiative, we have worked tirelessly to advise and foster the right conditions for Canadian innovators like the Data Collaboration Alliance to advance their ideas. We are encouraged to see solutions that support and build on Canada's commitment to innovation in the digital space for a stronger and more competitive Canada.”

Decouples data from applications
Zero-Copy Integration establishes core principles by which CTO, CIOs, data architects, and application developers can establish digital innovation projects defined by increased control, efficiency, and collaboration:

● Data management via shared data architecture, not app-specific database silos

● Data sharing via access-based data collaboration, not copy-based data integration

● Data protection via universal access controls set in data layer, not in app-specific code

● Data governance via data products and federated stewardship, not centralized teams

● Prioritization of ‘data-centricity’ and active metadata over complex code

● Prioritization of solution modularity over monolithic design

Dan DeMers, CEO of dataware company Cinchy and Technical Committee member for the standard stated: “With Zero-Copy Integration, organizations can achieve a powerful combination of digital outcomes that have always been elusive: Meaningful control for data owners, accelerated delivery times for developers, and simplified data compliance for organizations. And of course, this is just the beginning–we believe this opens the door to far greater innovation in many other areas.”

By focusing on new digital solutions, Zero-Copy Integration supports a project-by-project approach to steadily reduce an organization’s data silos, data integration, and complex code, and thereby avoids the shortcomings of ‘rip and replace’ approaches that fail to accommodate pre-existing digital solutions and IT investments.

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