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Tuesday, February 21, 2023

Nigerians, who bewitched us? - ITREALMS

How do you reconcile the evil that the current Federal Government has become, despite its populist posture? What is Buhari's obsession with currency change, everytime he sits as President? Why are politics and terrorism the denominators for the rush to redesign new notes and push out old ones? Why are our policymakers and leaders leaving substance and chasing chaff? Why must the average Nigerian bear the brunt of the incapacity and ineptitude of Buhari and Emefiele?
Nigerians, who bewitched us? - ITREALMS
How much more damage must be done to the Nigerian economy and the livelihoods of Nigerians before caution is applied? Where is the wisdom in forcing Nigerians to deposit their old bills while new bills are largely unavailable? Why the uncomfortable silence from the responsible authorities, save for flashes of opinions?

How much longer must we continue this maddening spiral before Emefiele and Buhari start thinking and stop acting on impulse? Why are Nigerians looking on as though all is well? Where do we start picking the crumbs of Nigerian lives from with this destructive rush?

How does the CBN intend to include the "unbanked" and other categories of Nigerians into the financial system with the growing chaos? What is the long-term plan of this policy beyond preventing "vote buying, curbing terrorism and limiting the cash in circulation"?

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