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Friday, April 08, 2022

I specializes in structural cakes and venue transformation says Joseph Olaleye - ITREALMS

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As a trained Civil Engineer, Joseph Oluwatoyin Olaleye of Brilliant Empire Limited told ITREALMS’ GBEMI OMOTOSO he cherishes structural cakes and creative decorations and outlines what it entails to transform the cake and event industry.


Joseph Oluwatoyin Olaleye of Brilliant Empire Limited

How did you come about your brand name?

The name "Brilliant" came up after my tertiary education; a friend of mine just looked into my eyes and said do you know you are brilliant? From there, I picked the name and worked around it till date, eventually it got registered.

Your educational background?

I finished from Ekiti State University, Ado Ekiti with B.Eng in Civil Engineering.

How did you get into the industry?

Well, from childhood I've got the passion for colours and how to mix them properly likewise getting to know how snacks are made which drove me to acquiring the knowledge after my Senior Secondary Certification Education (SSCE), so I started the business then as a small boy of 17 alongside my admission into the institution.

As a qualified Engineer, what prompts you into the industry?

Actually, graduating from school as a Civil Engineer prompted me into structural Cakes and Creative decors. While, my determination is not to quit my vision to nurture another man's vision made me to establish my business very fast as no employer is ready to give me a space to water my vision.

What is your area of specializations in the industry?

I specialises in cakes and event/venue transformation, that is, decorations.

What does it entail to be an event decor?

One should make God one's first priority (source of inspiration), next is wisdom, patience, you must be versatile, creative, polite to your clients then crown it with honesty.

How has the journey been?

Well, it's been a very encouraging one to me. I see myself getting fulfilled in building my vision.

How many years have you been in the industry?

Unofficially it's 15 years but officially 9 years.

What are your likes and dislikes?

I like honest, God fearing people around me and quest for knowledge while I dislike cheating and lies.

What is your view about mentoring?

Mentorship is a great idea in business especially when the mentor is strongly connected to the mentee; it boosts the mentees so fast and rapidly.

Who are your mentors in the industry?

 I can only say I have models because, I have never had the opportunity to meet and make it known to Bosses I love to mentor me.

What is your view about mentors who treat their mentee as second-fiddle?

Uhm, it's not a good idea. Mentor should acts and do well to their mentees, because of tomorrow which speaks better for everyone. One day, a mentee becomes a mentor too.

How do you get your clients?

Social media and referrals.

Any embarrassment from clients?

Yes! I've noticed in my journey as an event personnel that hardly can you have an event without a particular person that will raise an eyebrow about one thing or the other, placing things somewhere they think it shouldn't or trying to tell you what you should have done even when most of them had no clue of what they were correcting.

In such instances, I just wait and watch till you finish the correction, then will just tell you the things that can be done and sort it out.

Any memorable experience from clients?

Wow! So many, I could vividly remember a bride whom after the whole programme invited me to the stage and went into a marathon prayer sessions, l will never forget.

What's your view about the current increase in cake materials?

It's really bad but in a situation whereby your feedback or opinion doesn't count as a citizen, we will keep managing.

Any effect of this increase on your client's patronages?

The effect is gross and worrisome but we keep discussing the deal and going for the best.

Any suggestions on how this can be rectify?

It's the effect of problematic governance, and the rectification will surely be from a honest government.

Which area of event decorations do you prefer most and why?

I love weddings because a lot of clients love dramatic events on their day.  For some couples, they go for wedding; but birthday will always be like "it's just to mark the day," while surprise events, clients will always tell you "how many minutes sef?"

What do you consider when planning an event?

A number of details like; location, venue capacity, number of guests, theme (if client has) likewise the budget.

Which area of wedding decorations suits you most?

Floral (flower) arrangements because it's what I really love to do as allows me to exhibit my creativity.

What inspires you while working on cake or event decors?

I love listening to live music and dancing while working.

How do you balance a back-to-back events and cake order?

 I start earlier for prompt delivery. Most times, I do night jobs to cover up by working through the night.

How do you maintain a healthy status as a baker cum event decors?

 Well, God has helped me so far. I get checked up medically on monthly basis.

What is your view about clients who demand an expensive cake at a low price?

Actually, I call them indecisive clients. However, we visit the table and draw a budget friendly design.

cake design from Brilliant

How do you unwind?

I visit friends and places to catch fun. Also, I visit pages I can research and acquire more knowledge while relaxing.

Any awards in the cake industry?

Yes! Male baker of the year 2020/21 from Naija Cakes 'N' Events Affairs (NCEA) Ekiti and also Distinguished member of the year 2020/21 from NCEA Ekiti.

Have you participated in any cake competition?

The first one is ongoing, Masterbaker by Acabado.

If given an offer in the corporate world as an Engineer, Would this make you to leave the industry?

Never, I can only give a chance if permitted for a side.

How do you see yourself from others perception?

As the world remains a sphere, life is same. So, from any angle you see me, I'm still the fulfilled person you want to know. I move on and live my life to impact others.

What's your partner's reaction whenever you are out for days on event decorations?

She's also an event personnel so it's been very cool with her. She calls to know how far about the job, the client's reaction, any flaw, the challenges and how to overcome them. She's been very supportive as a wife even when I forget to reach out to her, she will just say "I understand, how is it?"

Your advice to upcoming bakers and event decorators?  

The entrants should be focused, strong, and agile. They should not stop learning, well-informed as a professional, don't engage in backbiting, avoid fake life because it prevents benefits.


Cathy bakers and events said...

Mr Olaleye Oluwatoyin Joseph is a very brilliant Boss I met in the industry. I bless God I met him, accommodating, friendly, my boss who will always encourage people around him. You are getting there Boss, you have a special seat there

Unknown said...

Mr olaleye oluwatoyin Joseph is a very hard working and focus person I met him some years back through NCEA ,he is very surpportive person and prayer after prayer .the sky is not your limit go get it friendship.

Unknown said...

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