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Friday, April 29, 2022

Product packaging, key to success says Chumexfoods boss - ITREALMS

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The Production Manager of ChumexFoods and Mixology, Mr. Ogbechie Chuks Anthony, has revealed the secret of good product packaging in food industry. The Food Technologist told ITREALMS’ GBEMI OMOTOSO that it’s key to success.
Production Manager of ChumexFoods and Mixology, Mr. Ogbechie Chuks Anthony

How did you coin your brand name?

It’s derived from my native name Chuks.

What is Chumexfoods into?

We are into varieties of finger licking foods, drinks, food packaging and spices.

What inspires you in the food and drinks industry?

My passion for making food is second to none. I am a foodie!

Your educational background please?

I'm a graduate of Yaba College of Technology (YabaTech), Lagos, where I obtained a Higher National Diploma (HND) in Food Technology.

What does it entail to be a mixologist?

It doesn't entail anything to be a mixologist. When I was Chumex Events, no one wanted to reckon with us though we've been in the event industry for a quite number of years and have been doing our best but immediately we rebranded to ChumexFoods and Mixology, a lot of people now do business with us because they want to know what the mixology is all about.

I tell my students packaging is an important aspect in mixology; that is, the way you package your goods will make you stand out. Also, we have different categories in the drink making industry; drink stylist, mixologists, bartenders etc, choose the one that will fit your status and look at what you can give out to your clients.

How profitable is the industry?

Well, from the start it looks as if there is no profit, but with persistence, hard work and quality taste you are sure to make profit; cool cash.

Have you ever worked in a corporate organization?

Yes, I’ve worked in an agency firm under the welfare department during my OND training; catering services.

How far has it been?

It has not been easy with the current economic instability and low pricing by customers.

How do you handle low pricing from customer reducing your quality?

There are different ranges of prices depending on the customer's budget so this has help to be able to give out the best based on the client’s budget. We have price for the poor, average and the rich.

What motivates you in the industry?

Smiles...Feedbacks from clients about my work; taste, packaging and prompts delivery.

What does it require to start a career in food industry like yours?

It requires a lot though passion is the key. Then, go for training to learn, after learning you get the equipment. Be a freelance then call for tasting, give without expecting to friends, that is, do orders without expecting payment (to create awareness) this will help you to get a customer base for greater patronages.

How do you manage stress?

Hhmm! The job is stressful though whenever I’m working and I feel dizzy, I make sure I sleep then when I'm awake I continued with the order.

If given an opportunity, what will you wish to change in the industry?

The nonchalant attitudes and level of unprofessionalism exhibited by the Minister of Tourism because our tourism sector in Nigeria is very poor, no recreational centres, resort centres asides the Obudu Cattle Ranch, Calabar.

Also, our hospitality sector needs to be looked into not minding the hotels we have around because most of them are five-star hotels whereas it's not everyone that can afford that but if there are lots of recreational centres that people can be to chill out during evening times, weekends, holidays it will help the event industry grow well. A lot of people go to Dubai because it's a tourist centre with lot of recreational centres for leisure.

How do you handle your delivery?

I have my own delivery services, which caters for customer's demand.

What makes you distinct from others?

My products are different from others based on taste, package and delivery. I do my things differently from others.

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Anonymous said...

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This is his phone number and WhatsApp number. Thief!!!!!!!

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