" ITREALMS: More trouble for Sterling Bank over nauseating apology on ‘Like Agege Bread, He Rose!’ - ITREALMS

Monday, April 18, 2022

More trouble for Sterling Bank over nauseating apology on ‘Like Agege Bread, He Rose!’ - ITREALMS

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As a result of backlash over its Easter Sunday message entitled ‘Like Agege Bread, He Rose!’ shared on social media, the Sterling Bank has committed more nauseating error with what looks like an apology on the initial outburst, reports 
More trouble for Sterling Bank over nauseating apology on ‘Like Agege Bread, He Rose!’ - ITREALMS
Investigations by ITREALMS revealed that in its bid to apologise, Sterling Bank through its Twitter handle @Sterling_Bankng had asked for those criticizing its Easter message to throw the first stone if they have not sinned before.
Just as some are now calling for sanction against Sterling Bank by the authorities, others are routing for sanction to whoever engineered that public embarrassment for the bank.

According to Sterling Bank 

in a follow up tweet to comparison it made between Agege Bread and risen Jesus Christ, thus:

“Let the one who has never sinned throw the first stone.” 

“Blessed is the one whose transgressions are forgiven, whose sins are covered. We humbly celebrate His resurrection, the defeat of death and the hope of salvation.”

The above tweet, 
ITREALMS gathered, instead of assuaging Tweeps and their followers on social media, even angered them more thereby deepening their matter in already messy hole with some calling Sterling Bank out as a sickening apology.

Tweeps is a person's followers on the social media application and particularly Twitter.


Sterling Bank in trouble over 'Like Agege Bread, He Rose!' Nigerians urge boycott - ITREALMS

Here are some of the Tweeps responses:

@AbubeGary “What a humiliating way to insult our Lord Jesus Christ. An institution like Sterling Bank? Pity”

Gold Anuli – “This is the most offensive post and senseless. I got this as an Easter greeting from this bank. Sterling bank you are going down except you respect what should be respected and fear what should be feared”

Joshua Falade – “Like Agege Bread, He Rose: What a Disparaging Comparison of Christ’s Resurrection By Sterling Bank! The peak of aberration, dumbness, and disparage is Sterling Bank’s cheers about Christ’s resurrection this morning- LIKE AGEGE BREAD, HE ROSE! I am disturbed at the depth of ineptitude, shoddiness, and insensitivity of a brand that counts on the patronage of the public, among whom are Christians to keep afloat to make such a grave and dangerous comparison. While it is needless to fight on behalf of our own God as Christians and His Son who died for the ransom of the entirety of human race (God can defend Himself), Sterling Bank and motleys of individuals who have reduced Christ’s resurrection to a rise of a dough of bread often raised with yeast and bromide (a substance that is dangerous for consumption) need be reminded that they erred grossly in their comparison. Christ’s resurrection differs greatly from the rising of Agege bread. Other corporate brands may need to learn to avoid stoking an ember of crisis in a country already polarized by religion to avoid making light of some religious tenets that the adherents hold in high esteem. Of course, if these wishes were made innocently to some other religions, by now, Sterling Bank and whosoever make that mistake would be counting their losses. This would be too grave and must be avoided!”

Tonero @tornadotonie said, #SterlingBank what’s the meaning of this? He rose like “bread agege”. Whoever gave you this idea needs to sanctioned. We can’t shy away from the fact that this space called Nigeria is a religious sensitive space. You dare not try this … with Islam religion.

Ngozi-Okey Amalu Ph.D(Ng) @AmaluNgozi simply described the apology message as “defensive and arrogance in their apology! This is simply nauseating!”

Chuks Egbune/DoP

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