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Monday, April 25, 2022

AFTTA advocates regular training to lift people out of poverty, mitigate braindrain - ITREALMS

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The Association of Formally Trained Theatre Artists (AFTTA), in collaboration with Nigeria Chambers of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture, Responsible Leaders Concerts Limited, Kabesi Owurolawa Foundation, a New Genesis International (USA), has described training and retraining as a tool to mitigate brain drain in the society and in all professions in order to lift people out of poverty, reports 
This was made known at Money Makers Dinner event held at Lagos State Television (LTV) Compound Agidingbi-Ikeja, Lagos, organized by Amb. Dr. Edward Olutoke, who said the gesture was to train people on how to engage in business with good ideas in order to make money.

As said by him, in Nigeria today, there are more growing pains and hardship, as people get poorer every day.

“Before we used to find beggars on the street but today they are on the social media and I believe the only reason why people are poor is because they are not making money, however, they cannot meet up with their daily needs.”

He also said his teaches people how to make money in agriculture because food is life.

“If you make money from food business you are making money from life business and it will never fail. We teach people how to make money from housing, entertainments; traveling, because as people travel around the world they would make money from it. If people can engage in training nobody will go to bed hungry. We all need to come together and solve our problems, it is not about preaching or fasting but it is all about taking action concerning the problems,” he said.

Olutoke equally said he works with 12 people from different parts of the world every month and these people will see themselves as agent of change, whatever information he has he shares with them and whatever information these people have they also share with him.

“Life is school on itself and when you join the training you are my classmate. If any of them is not doing well we look for more opportunities for the person,” he revealed.

Olutoke said for instance, in entertainment the organisation teaches people how to make posters because as election is fast approaching, it will give opportunity for people to make money. “The social media is making good money for people. There is what we called affiliate business where people can make money through online, just to push people out of poverty.”

Formally Trained Artist of the month, Foluke Daramola Salako, said the training is a step in the right direction and would immensely help her career.

*Paul Adunwoke/Editor

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