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Sterling Bank in trouble over 'Like Agege Bread, He Rose!' Nigerians urge boycott - ITREALMS

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Backlash has greeted Sterling Bank’s Easter Sunday message to Nigerians, comparing the risen Jesus Christ to Agege bread, reports 
Sterling Bank in trouble over 'Like Agege Bread, He Rose!' Nigerians urge boycott
Sterling Bank had on Sunday morning by 6:41am sent out an Easter message which read “Like Agege Bread, He Rose!” which has set Nigerian Tweeps against the bank with multiple questions begging for answers including some urging Christians to boycott the bank.

ITREALMS gathered that ‘Agege bread’ is one of the most popular Nigerian homemade breads, known for its puffy, soft, stretchy and chewy texture. It’s a slightly sweet white loaf, usually unsliced, oblong and baked in a tin, whose defining characteristic is that it’s fabulously soft and fluffy. The bread is called Agege bread because it originated from a suburb in Lagos called Agege. Despite its sweetness, it’s alleged that the bread is not healthy for eating due to some ingredients used in its production especially bromide.

Experts said defined bromide as a compound of bromine with another element or group, especially a salt containing the anion Br− or an organic compound with bromine bonded to an alkyl radical.

The world over, Christians commemorate Easter as the triumphant resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ from death and ascension to heaven. Easter Sunday, thus, is one of the most festive events among Christians worldwide, as written in the Christian bible.

Since the message broke in social media, enthusiasts mostly Christians have condemned the bank and invited several Christian bodies in the country to take it up, with some even alleging such a message went out disparage Jesus Christ because Sterling Bank Managing Director, Abubakar Suleiman is a muslim.

Reacting, one of the tweeps Sodji Adeleke Abraham @AdelekeSodji “Christian Association of Nigeria, PFN and other Christians should take this up. Coming from a bank that practice Islamic banking is totally unacceptable. We demand an apology for this mockery.”

Another tweep asked “Is it because your MD, Abubakar Suleiman is a Muslim and you think you can humiliate Christians? Shameless and useless bank. All Christians must boycott this bank.”

Yet another, @olajacs, described Sterling Bank as insensitive.

“Dear Sterling Bank, it is not funny comparing the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ, the basis for our faith as Christians to Agege bread. That’s so insensitive”.

Chuks Egbune/DoP

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