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Friday, April 15, 2022

Patience, key in handling dissatisfied customers says Lilbel Events boss - ITREALMS

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A mass communications graduate from Olabisi Onabanjo University (OOU) and founder of Lagos-based Lilbel Events, Nwaolisa Lilian Oyelere turned event decorator, told ITREALMS’ GBEMI OMOTOSO that patience is key in handling dissatisfied customers.


Nwaolisa Lilian Oyelere of Lilbel Events

Specifically, what are you into?

I'm an event decorator.

Your educational background?

 Lagos City College Sabo, Yaba for my secondary education then I proceeded to Olabisi Onabanjo University (OOU) where I studied Mass Communication while I majored in advertising.

How did you come about the name "Lilbel Event"

When I was trying to register my brand name; several names I picked have been used, however, that same period I just buried my mum, a voice then told me to use half of my mother's name and half of my name. That was how "Lilbel Events" was coined.

What prompted your entrance into events industry?

In 2015, during an environmental period on Saturday, I wanted to visit a friend of mine, and had to pass through an event decorator’s shop. Then an inner voice told me to go and meet the woman that I want to learn to become an event decorator and the rest is a story today.

How has the journey been?

The beginning was rough and tough. It isn't easy been a CEO; managing a company. I tell people that ‘there is always a humble beginning.’ Thank God I didn't quit then when the journey was rough but now it's all good.

If given an opportunity in the corporate world, would you opt for it?

No. I won't because I love what I do. Creativity has been a skill I've acquired since I was a kid.

What inspires your stay in the event world?

It's been God all through, even during the hard times when there was no one by my side God's grace kept me.

How do you handle a low budget client with a sky-rocket decoration?

I make the costings then give them the amount; I also try to work around the budget and give out my best.

Can you cite an instance of a memorable experience in the event industry?

Yes, when clients give good remarks on jobs well done; the excitement on their face brings me joy.

Which area of event decors excites you most; stage settings, floral arrangements, special effects etc?

Hhmm! Stage settings excite me most as I love up a stage. It allows me to exhibit my creativity while flower arrangements on the other hand take time for me.

How do you balance your family and work especially when your events takes you out of your domain for days or weeks?

I have an understanding husband. He knows I'm the busy type. We all understand the nature of my job and trying to work around it.

What's your spouse's perception about you as an Event Decors?

He sees it as a very good profession. He also knows it's a job for hard-working people so he praises me every now and then when I am working.

How do you manage stress especially when it's back-to-back events?

I'm used to it because I have a minimum of three events for a weekend. However, I make sure I rest for a day or two to regain my strength because I don't take drugs.

How do you get your clients?

Smiles.... I don't know how I get my clients because most of my clients are foreigners and once you do an amazing decors they refer you to other clients; so basically my clients are from referrals.

How do you handle difficult customers who seem dissatisfied?

Back in school we were told that there is hazard in every works, so, most times when instance like this happens, I try my best to satisfy them because customers are always right. Patience is key in handling dissatisfied customers

 What is your view about multiple streams of income?

It's a very good idea, though as an event decorator, I get contracts from hotels to help them with their aprons, chef jackets, also printing works as well. If one is multi-talented you can diversify so you will not depend on one business.

Economically, what challenges are you facing in the industry?

Prices of goods have increased in the market so when liaising with customers on the prices of things they still want to stick to the old prices of goods which is one of the challenges I'm facing.

Is there any way government can help the industry in the current economic situation to make it more friendly?

Yes! But greediness won't allow some of the authorities to favour the masses all because of their selfish interests.

What message do you have for new entrants in the industry?

I tell people working under me that there's time for everything. Although it may not be rosy at the beginning but don't give up as the ends justifies the means.

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