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Wednesday, July 07, 2021

Save Our Elections: Enough-Is-Enough group urges citizens - ITREALMS

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Nigeria-based civil society organizations, the Enough-Is-Enough group has called on citizens to save the nation’s democracy and election process precisely by speaking out against what they called disturbing discrepancies in the Electoral Bill 2021, reports 
This bill is to repeal the Electoral Act No. 6 of 2010 and is expected to be passed within the next two weeks, barring any changes, urging Nigerians to resist this dangerous manipulation of the future elections.

The group in a campaign poster available to 
ITREALMS, they decried the fact that most Nigerians are unaware of the changes in the Electoral Bill 2021 and called on citizens to save “our elections” insisting that silence is not an option.

Part of the poster read:

“Dear Active Citizen,

“The Electoral Bill 2021, which aims to repeal the Electoral Act No 6 2010, will be passed within the next two weeks, barring any changes. However, there are disturbing discrepancies between the approved version of the Bill and the alleged final copy, particularly the prohibition of electronic transmission of results, the removal of INEC’s power to review results declared under distress and the drastic increase in the limits for campaign expenses.

“The implications of this underhanded manipulation should be of great concern to all Nigerians. We must collectively ensure that this Bill is not passed by resisting it on all fronts!

“As civil society organizations continue to mobilize, protest and release statements to resist these amendments, you too must also play your part!

“Call your representatives and engage them directly,” the group insisted.

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