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Friday, July 30, 2021

LG introduces dual inverter technology cools faster, saves up to 70% energy - ITREALMS

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When upgrading technology in the living space, every homeowner looks for a powerful air conditioner. The trade-off often comes in the form of high-power consumption, and as people spend more time indoors to take respite from the heat – bills can soon add up.
Aimed at tackling this dilemma as well as addressing demand for more durable and reliable air solutions, LG Electronics created its advanced range of DUALCOOL air conditioners. At the core of LG DUALCOOL ACs lies the innovative Dual Inverter Compressor designed to resolve the common pain points of AC use, the compressor constantly adjusts its speed to maintain desired temperature levels.

LG Electronics (LG) has introduced its latest range of DUALCOOL ACs across Africa market– empowering residents to experience faster and more consistent cooling, while also reducing energy consumption. Integral to making this possible is LG DUAL Inverter Compressor, a system which uses fewer moving parts to offer greater durability, as well as faster, quieter and more efficient cooling. LG DUALCOOL is the first air conditioner to utilize LG’s energy-efficient Dual Inverter Compressor for energy savings without sacrificing cooling performance. Verified by the world-renowned testing organization TÜV Rheinland, the Dual Inverter Compressor allows LG DUALCOOL to consume up to 70 percent less electricity while providing up to 40 percent faster cooling than typical non-inverter RACs.

“Our stylish air solution products are more efficient, perform better and are more family friendly than anything we’ve introduced before,” said Mr. Jung June Yoon, Product Manager, Air Solution, LG Electronics West Africa Operations. “LG’s advanced compressor technology also enables the DUALCOOL Air Conditioner to operate at exceptionally low noise levels, ideal for apartments. What’s more, the reliable Dual Inverter Compressor is backed up by a 10-year warranty, one of the best in the industry. And LG DUALCOOL Premium Air Conditioner expertly balances form and function with its slim and clean design that blends in perfectly with any interior décor increasing installation flexibility.’’

For greater convenience and comfort, DUALCOOL air conditioners feature 4 different speed settings. When in need of lots of cool air, users can choose the highest speed setting. When simply wishing to create a relaxing environment, the lowest speed can be chosen accordingly. LG has also made it easy to monitor energy consumption – a subtle display on the DUALCOOL’s front informs the user of energy usage in real-time, while the AC is operating – always keeping homeowners in the know.

The latest DUALCOOL AC Line up also come with an in-built pre-filter, which acts as a first line of defense, trapping large dust particles and stopping them from re-circulating in the air. Keeping hygiene top of mind, LG’s air conditioners within the DUALCOOL range also benefit from an Auto Cleaning function. Performing an internal clean, automatically, the ACs are able to dry out and eliminate moisture – ensuring that both the appliance and the air remain clean.

LG brand air conditioners are the only ones in Africa that uses dual inverter technology, “which is an improvement specifically in one piece, the compressor is now called a dual inverter compressor. Now there are two heads or two plungers that work as a team, this piece is fundamental because it is considered the heart of it”.

Mr. Jung June Yoon pointed out that the many advantages offered by this innovation include saving up to 70% more energy, cooling 40% faster, an even quieter operation and less wear that allows offering up to a decade of guarantee of the equipment and one year on parts and pieces.

LG latest DUALCOOL air conditions also feature a Dual Protection Filter. Designed to capture dust and bacteria, instead of allowing it to circulate around the room, the filter is beneficial for allergy sufferers and families with young children. Auto Cleaning also ensures the prevention of bacteria and mold build-up, while Jet Dry technology works to place priority on dehumidification – essential for keeping the home environment feeling and smelling fresh. With not only a cooler, but also a cleaner home, users can focus on relaxing and spending quality time with friends and family, in greater peace-of-mind.

"People were sensitive to these issues and LG already covered this need, we have the Plasmaster ionizer plus technology that eliminates 99.9% bacteria. This goes beyond filters, it is an ion generating system, which are recognized worldwide as the most effective. It does have filters, but you don't even need to be cooling or heating, you can control the air conditioning just to purify the air and the procedure takes between 30 and 60 minutes”.

Save time and money when installing your air conditioner

Although the installation of a residential air conditioning equipment requires certain care and technical knowledge, LG promotes facilitating this process by allowing an easier and more efficient installation. By considerably reducing assembly times, this can lead to being able to install one or more units in less time than is usually invested in the installation of a traditional air conditioner.

Likewise, the savings in the energy bill are significant thanks to the DUAL Inverter Compressor ™ technology, which allows the compressor to provide optimal performance with less electricity consumption and cooling environments up to 40% faster. And so that there is no doubt about these advantages, it is possible to view the actual energy consumption that the unit is consuming on the unit's panel.

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