Friday, July 16, 2021

Board cancels ICANN72 face-to face in Seattle, insist on virtual meeting - ITREALMS

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The Board of Directors of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) has resolved that its forthcoming meeting tagged ICANN72 must be virtually held, reports 
The meeting scheduled for Seattle, United States of America, ITREALMS has therefore been cancelled.
ICANN board in its latest resolution on Wednesday, a copy of which is made available to 
ITREALMS the Board confirmed that ICANN72 shall be held as a virtual meeting only rather than having a hybrid or in-person component.

The board also directs the ICANN President and CEO, or his designees, to take all steps necessary to cancel the facilities and arrangements made for an in-person meeting in Seattle, U.S.

According to the resolution, the Board directs the ICANN President and CEO, or his designees, to coordinate with the ICANN community on the best way forward for ICANN72 to meet the expected outcomes of an ICANN Annual General Meeting, including the furthering of ICANN policy development and advice work, reporting on milestones and community-agreed priorities for the meeting.

"The ICANN President and CEO is also directed to continue internal operational planning in order to support the delivery of the ICANN72 Annual General Meeting as a virtual meeting as appropriate to achieve those expected outcomes."

ITREALMS also gathered that the Board affirms its intent to hold ICANN73 Community Forum, as a hybrid meeting with an in-person component in San Juan, Puerto Rico if it is feasible to do so.

The Board equally directed the ICANN President and CEO, or his designee, to coordinate with the ICANN community on developing a meaningful and effective hybrid meeting design for ICANN73.

Part of the resolution stated:

"The Board encourages the ICANN President and CEO to initiate a pilot program, in consultation with the community, to investigate whether it is feasible for ICANN org to start hosting smaller in-person or hybrid community meetings beginning in 2021.

"The Board thanks ICANN org and the ICANN community for their attention to this important issue.

"The Board also thanks the hosts and venues planned for ICANN72 in Seattle, U.S. for their understanding of the need to cancel the in-person plans for ICANN72. We hope that there is a future time that we will be able to come and visit your city to host an ICANN Public Meeting.

"The Board appreciates the community's continued commitment to the work and mission of ICANN, and is grateful to the Chairs of our Supporting Organizations and Advisory Committees for their collaboration and leadership."

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