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Sunday, July 18, 2021

My Cubana experience ... a drop on the table - ITREALMS

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If you have ever clubbed in Nigeria, you wouldn't be surprised how Obi Cubana or Cubana High Priest or any Night Club owner for that matter in this obodo Nigeria makes their money. All Revellers know this for a fact.
Bia, have you ever been to any Cubana Night Club before? Omo, their VIP is heavenly. No argue biko.

As a local boy born in Onne, the only "Night Clubs" I knew were those ones at FOT Junction like Edememte, Kanya, Body Maintenance, Warri Stop Over Bar, Arsenal Bar, and if I go far small, na Trailer Park I go stop.

But wetin wan carry me enter Port Harcourt just to go to those Night Clubs at Abacha road in GRA, Or Stadium Road bikonu, when everything I needed are all in Onne?

So one Friday like that o, I was invited to a function in Owerri that my very good friend, Prince Emeribe was the host . I attended that function with some of my Paddy men.

The function went till late evening and coming back to Port Harcourt that night was suicidal. So some of us decided to stay over and have some Ngwori in Owerri.

We touched 40-40 spend some time there, went to Mimi Place spent few minutes also, and finally decided to shutdown in Cubana. At the entrance to Cubana, there was this two hefty-terrifying-looking Bouncers who would first check what you wore, down to your shoes; as in, from your head to toe, and even smell your pef, just to ascertain if you're worthy to enter the Club, before you will then be scanned like person wey wan enter bank with that their metal detector.

The Bouncers that I used to know in our Clubs in Onne , na dem go beg you for tips. Na dem go call you "Senior Man remember us o". Na dem dey dey loyal to customers. Na dem go use two hands shake you. But this Cubana Bouncers are not smiling at all.

That was why I was shocked seeing well dressed men begging Bouncers to get entrance into the Club, and some were even bribing the Bouncers before they were allowed to enter the Club. As in, these are people that were supposed to come in and spend their own money, but they were begging to gain entrance for them to be allowed to spend their own hard earned cash. It's still surprising because must one beg to gain access to where he wants to patronize or is there something else they were coming to do?

Ok back to the Cubana story

As Port Harcourt boys, we were not disturbed at all. We were all "allowed" to bounce in. And indeed, Cubana is a beautiful Club. It was really bubbling that Friday with beautiful girls flopping all over the places left, right and centre..

Inside the Club has this mixture of beautifully combined coloured lights that were flashing as those stunning Owerri small pin charger girls were twerking and shaking their úkwù to Flavour's song thundering from many an unseen speakers..

They don't sell Beer there oo, na only different types of expensive drinks, Whiskeys, Exotic wines, and Champaigns. The only non alcholic drink they had was bottled water. And do you know how much was a bottle of 50 CL water?..

The only problem we encountered was that the popular side was so crowded, people smoking, too much body contacts and even the few seats there, were all occupied. So we were just standing and dancing but no where to seat and drink. Then we decided to enter the VIP section since there were seats and space for us to be a little beat comfortable..

Nerus led us straight to the Aircraft-like VIP section. No body told me that prices of drinks in the VIP are almost times 3 of the popular side o. I was not aware..

However, we sat down and ordered for Champagne with French Fries and Fish, Snails and Liver, randomly. Few minutes later, the cat-walking waitress brought all we ordered. The waitress was even stationed for just our table and she doesnt take time to bring whatever we ordered.

I love minding my business, that's why I pretended not seeing how drinks were brought to other tables in a casket like trail.. And how the lights would go off every time they carry these set of drinks with a special fire work on the trail and a background sound like when The UnderTaker is coming to the ring in WWE. Now I hear say na "Dorime" dem dey sing. How young boys in their 20s were spending cash. Let me just mind my business biko..

OK, we finished drinking our drinks and devour the plates of every-every we ordered, while knodding our heads to the beautiful music with pride. It was now almost 4 am. And it's time to go. I signalled the waitress for the bill..

The bill came. Nerus was the one that received the bill from her. The smile on his face disappeared instantly. He passed it to me. I looked at the figures. I carefully counted the zeros. I was speechless. I gave the bill to Ibe. Ibe's reaction changed too. He passed it to Nweke. Nweke saw the bill and quickly raised his eyes to Nerus. He didn't say a word. He gently stretched it to Hycienth. Hycienth was shocked at what he saw, and he quietly returned it back to Nerus. And Nerus just dropped it on the table.

The bill sat on our table like an orphan for over an hour. Nobody said a word. The song was like a noise to my ears. The AC was blowing heat to my forehead. I kept asking myself, wetin carry me enter Cubana bikonu. VIP section for that matter o.

Of course we paid nau, wetin we for do?


Each time I watched the video clips of Cubana High Priest gifting 46 cows to his boss, and how they were spraying money recklessly in Obi Cubana Mum's burial, I knew for sure that our money that night was among what he used to do this public show off.

If you are in doubt over the source of Cubana's weath, please just enter any Cubana Club in your city and buy only one 50CL of water, no buy Champagne o, just water, and no go near VIP section please.

I swear, ọ ga-eme gị voom n'anya, in the voice of Phyno.

Happy Sunday friends.

■ Awazie Emmanuel Sab

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