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Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Mbaise Community in Nairobi denies betrayal of Nnamdi Kanu, dangles N10m for prove - ITREALMS

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The Mbaise Community in Nairobi, under the aegis of Nwanne Dilamba Mbaise Family Meeting, is dangling the sum of N10m for anyone who can prove that the on 'Iyke' who allegedly participated in the betrayal of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu hails from Mbaise, reports ITREALMS.
Nnamdi Okwu Kanu, ITREALMS gathered is popularly known as Mazi Nnamdi Kanu (MNK). He is a Nigerian pro-Biafra political activist, who is also a British citizen. MNK is the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), which he founded IPOB about 2012.
ITREALMS gathered that in response to the allegation that one certain 'Iyke Mbaise' betrayed MNK, the Mbaise community, came up to declared that "Mbaise is one of the safest community in Igboland and not known for back-stabbing."

The group insisted that "Mbaise man, is not a back stabber. He does not betray, nor leak secret information placed at his disposal."

According to them, the importance of Mbaise in the scheme of Igbo agenda, was manifested during the civil war when in 1968, when "the Biafra agenda, was unfolded in Mbaise - in Ahiara Declaration."

The mention of Mbaise name in MNK's betrayal in Kenya, was to give Mbaise nation a bad name in order to crucify them and a total hoax.

"Mbaise man, is not a coward. Our denial of this blackmail, is not borne out of fear, but a move to wash ourselves off this calculated attempt to ridicule our honourable image.

Further, the community expressed dismay over the allegation, saying that "To show the total foolishness of this allegation, one should ask why the writer of the blackmail, did not in the first describe Senator Ifeanyi Ubah, one of the alleged master minder, by his community name Nnewi.

They wondered if the alleged Iyke Mbaise, has no surname. "Did he just come to Kenya newly, that nobody knew his surname, but they quickly knew he came from Mbaise?"

They equally described the claims as "satanic write up" which is a mere blackmail mechanism totally concocted to smear the image of Mbaise and should be disregarded."

Mbaise is a region in Imo State in southeastern Nigeria. In the heart of Igboland, the region includes several towns and cities. It is a group of indigenous clans, connected by intermarriage. With a population density of over 1,000 people per square kilometer, Mbaise is West Africa's most densely-populated area; its 2006 population was 611,204.

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