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Wednesday, January 27, 2021

R. E. S. T. R. U. C. T. U. R. E: A broken dream - ITREALMS

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The broken dream Nigeria
Not yet, don't open that
Door further to hurt and hurt
Race door hurts and consumes
Under Tribe cover hurts
Beyond our collective and
Uncontrollable imagination past.

Records show how Yugoslavia
Learned not, Soviet Union saw not
Armenia with eyes closed plunged
Into dark moments of history before
Them were many pretenses of jockers
Converged in ignorance of purity.

Of Alas, my Mercedes is than
Yours bigger but both we can
Not claim ability to create while
Blinded by consumerism arrogance.

Where a nation's thief to the village
Returns and crowned King rejoices
Shameless mansions in bondages
With same tribe millions hungry.

Media cry my people perish
For lack of knowledge, die without
Schools, Children play in sands
Awaiting to be crowned slaves
By out of town tribes in a
Rat race to nothingness where
Vanity upon vanity consumes all.

Yet, blindfolded away we cast
Regionalism to restructure mind
And rekindle our collective might
Become abundant wealth envy.

The world weeps and weeps
At our fault, ignorance and warns
Don't open tribe doors it
Will extinguish humanity yours
Close it now fresh air to
Earn and envy of the world

Become, your dream not broken
Swallow the six region formula as
Your Climate Change Ultimate.

I can hear the BABIES
Youth CRYING. Pains close that messy door


*Contributed by Chief Chris Uwaje, oracle of Nigeria's IT industry and former president, Institute of Software Practitioners of Nigeria.

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