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Friday, October 12, 2018

10 insights into 40 years of digital development - ITREALMS

The Information Technology (IT) specialist at the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), Donatella Mori, has shared some 10 insights on how the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) that works.
Here are some reflections on the 10 things learnt over 40 years in computing technology for the FAO:
1.    Finding a sense of joy in helping others and making their life quality better by providing IT support to the FAO colleagues in their daily work as Statisticians and Agricultural Technicians as wells as Food Safety Experts in fulfilling the FAO mission to eliminate hungry and malnutrition in the poor countries
2.    The “how can I help you” mindset oriented towards customer support which has always been my every day mantra
3.    The passion for the technology and the innovation. As Steve Jobs concluded his speech at Standford quoting “Stay Hungry Stay Foolish” and as the actor Tom Hiddleston said, “stay hungry, stay foolish, stay young, stay curious” … and I would add for us older IT generations, “Stay open to the younger generations”
4.    The habit of considering change as the most stable aspect of my work life and personal life.
5.    The beauty of having UN guiding principles for my work, and striving to always adhere to them.
6.    The sadness sometimes of not reaching the expected results, but the willing of never give up if that implies a better service and life quality for others.
7.    The sense of being part of the world through communication technology and the UN community, and how the “world is small “ – different countries, different culture, but the same emotions and human behaviors.
8.    The consciousness by personal experience that gender diversity and within that the contribution of women’s perspective not only empowers the UN capacity to achieve results through IT, but, if I’m allowed to play with words, “make IT work better”
9.    The positive adrenaline of taking calculated risks in particular when experimenting something new in IT, and recognizing that the biggest risk is not taking any risk. “In a world that’s changing really quickly, the only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not taking risks,” says Mark Zuckerberg
10. The sense of duty of not wasting the resources generously offered by the UN Donors

Courtesy: ICTworks.
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