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Monday, September 17, 2018

Trending #AfricaThisWeek Volume 1, No. 8 – ITREALMS


1. Denies selling ZESCO to Chinese, CSOs kick

2. US-based group set agenda for an end to violence, return to peace

3. Police investigates death, arrests after controversial attack on Northern villages

4. Nigeria Finance Minister, Adeosun resigns

5. Agathon Rwasa wants to own political party

6. Transport Minister bans motorcycles in Abidjan

7. Towards a single candidate from the opposition

8. Oppostion leader, 2,100 political prisoners released

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Full edition: #AfricaThisWeek Volume 1, No. 8. This edition is also available in French.

*Courtesy Remmy Nweke/ED, Ops

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