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Tuesday, September 25, 2018

NCM buys sabinews.com from Toni Kan in landmark deal – ITREALMS

In what has been described as a multi-million naira deal, Toni Kan and Peju Akande have sold sabinews.com to owners of New Concept Media (NCM) group, an offshoot of one of Africa’s biggest e-commerce conglomerate, reports ITREALMS.

Toni Kan, ITREALMS recalls, is a renowned writer, journalist, and teacher, alongside his partner Peju Akande confirmed selling their news website sabinews.com which debutin May 2014. The site quickly established itself as an ethical and professionally well run news website featuring a roster of skillful and very insightful columnists.

Two years after launch, Sabinews was described by reboot.org a US based social impact firm, in a survey of African websites as one of the best niche websites in West Africa which has “employed the power of differentiation to set itself apart and win the loyalty of audiences comparable to much bigger organisations.”

Harping on sabinews.com’s USP, the firm further described it as “a digital news and opinions platform known for its popular columnists. The site features a roster of social and political commentators whose analysis of current events run from bitingly critical to refreshingly entertaining.”

The duo of Toni Kan and Peju Akande announced that the site was bought by New Concept Media an offshoot of one of Africa’s biggest e-commerce conglomerate in a multi-million naira deal.

In a statement signed by Peju Akande on behalf of the duo, she said, ‘It’s not about the money, it’s about making history as a Nigerian online news organization, they came to us because we were ethical, professional and well run and we hope that news of our sale will spur other people like us to follow the ethical and professional path especially in this era of fake news.’

Toni Kan and Peju Akande have launched a new website, thisislagos.ng which is more metro oriented and video centric.

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Pix: Peju Akande and Toni Kan

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