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Digital Transformation: Nigerians must drive change with ICT - ITREALMS

The chairman of IPv6 Council Nigeria, Mr. Muhammed Rudman, has urged Nigerians desirous of change with Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) to drive it, reports ITREALMS.

Speaking at the 2018 eWorld Forum with the theme: Nigeria’s Readiness for Digital Transformation; Rudman noted, that as the wheel of change continues to turn, ICT stakeholders must embrace the change so as to drive it to requisite destination for the good of the society.

“Finally, as the wheel of change continues to turn, we must work together to thrive as a society, we need to embrace change so that we drive it, instead of being driven by it,” he declared.

Rudman who presided over the eWorld Forum 2018, pointed out that “Digital transformation if properly harnessed can solve most of the current socio-economic problems affecting our nation.”

Describing the theme as very important, he said, digital transformation is a globally reoccurring subject as it affects all of mankind, hence it is quite apt at this point in time.

Equally, he said, digital transformation is hitting the world in a big way, as no government or business can thrive without incorporating technology in its core strategy.

Every aspect of lives, he said, has been affected by this transformation, some deeply while others superficially, and consequently, governments all over the world are rapidly realizing the multiplier effect of digital transformation to all facets of economic and social developments, thus paving the way for embracing of digital transformation as people abandon analog operating models in favor of digital systems.

Rudman commended the chief executive of Ajomedia Limited, publishers of eWorld Magazine, Mr. Aaron Ukodie, said that in spite of the numerous challenges in the country, Nigerians have recorded huge success toward digital transformation.

“There has been unprecedented transformation in the banking industry brought about by digitalization, for example financial transactions involving the use and movement of physical cash are gradually declining. The use of POS and other several simple avenues of transaction have made life very easy to the consumers, the bank and government. 

"Individuals no longer had to embark on a trip to the bank to conduct banking business, the banks on the other hand have less ratio of customers to attend to, in essence reduction in the cost of banking services as well as reduction in high security and safety risks – Remember the days of abundant bullion vans on our roads, with frequent reports of armed robbery? Reducing the amount of cash being physically handled ensures that CBN has less old notes to destroy and to print replacements. Government can now have better data to understand the informal sector of the economy which would assist in tax and general development planning,” he said.

Rudman, who is the chief executive officer of Internet Exchange Point of Nigeria (IXPN), emphasized that there are many relative success stories in other key areas as well, such as education, commerce, health, housing, employment, security, transportation, fighting corruption etcetera, which are too numerous to elaborate here.

“We have achieved much in less than two decades, but the journey to digital transformation is perpetual, we can’t afford to slow down, especially with our ever-expanding population. We have to find innovative ways to educate our young population and equip them with the right skills to handle ever evolving job market,” Rudman submitted.

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