Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Nnamani urges Nigeria to outline top 10 priorities on cyber security readiness for digital transformation - ITREALMS

The President of Medallion Communications Limited, Mr. Ike Nnamani has urged Nigeria to emulate Uganda on her top 10 priorities for 2018 on cyber security readiness for digital transformation, reports ITREALMS.

Nnamani, who spoke at the 2018 eWorld Forum on the subtheme "Nigeria's Readiness for Digital Transformation - Cyber Security Readiness" in Lagos, prescribing a top 10 agenda for the country, just like Uganda has outlined.

The top 10 prescription by Nnamani includes database security, introduction of Privileged User Management (PUM), Patch Management, Unstructured Data Management, Endpoint Security, Employee Security Awareness, Vendor/Third Party security, board changing role, security architecture cum engineer skill set and continues monitoring, based on the 2017 Cyber Security Report by Serianu.

As said by him, Nigeria needs to secure its vault by leveraging database security, lamenting that banking sector is still the most targeted industry in the country.

He also explained that PUM for instance, will define who has access to the crown jewels, whereas Patch Management will determine what to patch or not to patch, stressing that by unstructured data management, there is no one size fits all solution for any country, pointing out that via endpoint security, cybe security will have a front-line of actions expressed established.

In addition, Nnamani pointed out that employee security awareness cannot be over-emphasised because ignorance is not bliss in every business let alone when it comes to cyber security, advising that vendor and third party security must be encouraged to bring on their own vulnerability findings and solutions.

The board, he said, must be abreast of changing roles and centrality of cyber security in an organization and when changes begin to occur it should trickle down the ladder of leadership, even as the security architecture cum engineer skill set must be widen to keep employee alive to their responsibilities and upto date on skill sets, without necessarily forgetting the essence of continuous monitoring of the system.

He declared that ‘vigilance’ is the second name of cyber security.

The aforementioned, he said, if adhered to strictly, that Nigeria will emerge from being top victim on cyber security gaps to closing the gaps immensely.

Chuks Egbune/ED, Ops

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