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Saturday, September 08, 2018

Sam Amadi: Journey to remove legacy deceit, murderous incompetence in Imo - ITREALMS

A text of a Statement Made by DR. SAM AMADI, APGA Gubernatorial Aspirant for Imo State 2019 on Tuesday, September 4, 2018 while Collecting his Nomination Form.

Today, we officially begin the process to end the legacy of deceit, corruption and audacious immorality in Imo.

Today, we raise the APGA flag signaling the beginning of the onslaught against a legacy of ‘Iberiberism’ in Imo State and the beginning of building strong foundations for prosperity, justice and accountability in Imo State.

Today, we raise the voice of millions of Imo citizens who have courageously declared an end to impunity, to unbridled stealing of public wealth and the criminality of mendacious 419 operatives who have hijacked political power since the end of the illustrious Sam Mbakwe era.

Today, as I pick this nomination form Imo citizens declare their determination to fight every inch of the way to liberate their land from poverty for many and stupendous wealth for just a few.

We know it will be a tough battle. Those who invaded political leadership in Imo and built this infrastructure of poverty and misery have consolidated their political power in the state through continuous impoverishment of the citizens.

But we can hear the voice of the people proclaiming an end to poverty; we can hear the people refusing to be deceived again and again; we can hear them looking for a new leadership.

We are in APGA because Imo people have chosen APGA as the vehicle of redemption. APGA is ready to end the Okorocha legacy and the legacy of similar deceitful and incompetent leaders who have raped and wasted the potentials of the state.

APGA’s manifesto focuses on sustainable community-based prosperity and social justice. APGA emphasizes responsibility and accountability to the people. APGA articulates the egalitarianism and productivity that define the Igbo worldview. APGA represents those character traits and competencies that made Eastern Nigeria the fastest growing economy in the World under M.I. Okpara in the 1960s and Imo State under Sam Mbakwe the fastest industrializing state in the 1980s.

In the 21st century, governance has been complex. Imo needs a competent hand to start the rebuilding. Considering the damage Governor Okorocha has inflicted on Imo State, in 2019 Imo can’t afford another one from the tribe of political entrepreneurs whose interest in public office is to maximize personal wealth and indulge in endless sensuality. Imo needs a man or woman of integrity, compassion and competence. Imo needs a Governor who can envision transformation and deliver it on time. Imo needs an upgrade of Sam Mbakwe, a governor whose lack of interest in personal wealth enables him or her to focus all energies towards building economic and social infrastructure of rural prosperity. That person is me. I am ready to provide such a leadership.

My colleagues and I at the New Imo Movement have developed a Community Action Plan for Prosperity based on the social democratic values in the APGA manifesto and the time-tested principle of economic and social development, more recently from the Asian continent.

This plan has three agenda. Rural industrialization, health and education and open government.

We start with a commitment to return 100 per cent of all local government allocations to the local government council to be used singular to build rural economy. We have to end poverty in Imo by making communities prosperous.

Our grand rural industrialization plan will lead to 108 cottage industries in Imo State in one year and create about 108,000 new jobs for unskilled and medium skilled youths. 27 local government councils in Imo State will have 305 quality health centers and we will have public schools that are comparable to the best private schools.

We will end the apartheid that subjects the children of the poor to failed schools that lead to more poverty and misery. The New Imo is an equal opportunity society.

From May 29, we start this difficult march to establish the vision of the founders of APGA and present a model to the world of an African economic and social miracle better than the Asian miracle. We can do it at the Heartland of Southeast. The Sun will once again rise from the East.

We are ready and willing. This task is urgent and pressing. That is why we are in a hurry to pick the nomination form and begin the journey to end Rocha’s Nightmare. Join us.

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