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Saturday, October 22, 2016

World-war texting against Trump

Young Americans are gearing up for a secret world-war against the Republican Presidential 
candidate, Mr. Donald J. Trump by resorting to simply texting against him at the global level to spur the youths to come out and vote, reports ITRealms.

Lead advocate for the Young Americans, Emma Ruby-Sachs, informed ITRealms that they believe in climate change and are strongly against Trump, since they don't vote. 

Now there's a killer plan for us to reach them and make sure they turn up, by simply texting,” he said.  

According to his petition on Avaaz with additional support by Avaaz US elections team, made available to
ITRealms, Young Americans accuse Mr. Trump of trying to destroy the Paris climate change deal.

“Trump wants to tear up the Paris climate deal, and that's just the start of his horrifying plans! But now there's a way we can all help stop him, just by texting,” Ruby-Sachs said. 

Recent polls, he said, showed that young Americans believe immensely in climate change and are strongly against Trump. Noting that though political observers had warned that this group is the least likely to vote, yet they now form a killer squad against Mr. Trump.

“Now there’s a killer plan to reach them through a medium they love: text messages!” he declared.

Ruby-Sachs pointed out that if thousands of youth around the world text these young voters despite their usual apathy, urging them to get to the polls, “we could help ensure Trump loses in a landslide.” 

Texting American voters from overseas, he said is one of Bernie Sanders secrets against Trump which is easy, free and already working. Advising interested individuals to click to learn more about joining the team and trying this amazing tool provided by progressive group NextGen Climate.

The petitioners said that Trump and the racist, sexist, anti-climate, isolationist message he peddles are all threats to the entire world and “to everything we fight for as a community.”
As said by the petitioners, which also include Messers Rewan, Adam, Andrew and Joseph connecting with young Americans who also care about saving the planet, and ensuring they have all the information they need to vote, could be enough to secure a vote against Trump. 

Tests, ITRealms gathered, showed that one of the advocates could make a voting plan with 30 people who share same values in just an hour, because there's no get out the vote programme anywhere that has that kind of success rate.

“You’ll get everything you need to jump right in through progressive group NextGen Climate; a thorough training, a community, a support team in a chat room, and a contact list when you’re ready to get started. And because the tool doesn't use any text messages on your plan, you send them through a web page, you can recruit tonnes and tonnes of people at no extra cost.”

Potential public to join the campaign, the petitioners said, must ensure they are super comfortable writing in fluent English.

“We’ve worked together for weeks to help every American abroad vote in this election, and it’s brought in thousands of new voters to swing state races, helping to keep Trump far away from the White House. Now we can use this new tool to multiple our impact on election day,” the team said.

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