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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

ISOC seeks input into CSTD-Working Group on enhanced cooperation

The Internet Society is seeking inputs of its global members into the United Nations (UN) Commission on Science and Technology for Development's Working Group on Enhanced Cooperation (CSTD WG EC), reports ITRealms.

Constance Bommelaer of Internet Society, hinted ITRealms that the formation of this group was one of the outcomes from the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS +10) review conducted last year.

As its precedent, Bommelaer said this review has its basis in the Tunis Agenda, where the notion of "enhanced cooperation" is developed in paragraph 69. You'll remember that this text established a distinction between the day-to-day operations of the Internet and Internet public policy issues. But various interpretations have been made, hence the ongoing debate over the past decade.

According to her, at the heart of the issue are very different views on whether "enhanced cooperation" is specifically about enhancing the role of governments in Internet governance, or whether it's about enhancing cooperation among all stakeholders, including governments.

To this end, she said, ISOC supports the latter, which has to do with stakeholders including government, “where we have a broad, inclusive understanding of ‘enhanced cooperation’.

The current consultation opportunity, she said, involves all Internet stakeholders hereby invited to share their thoughts with the UN on two questions: What are the high level characteristics of enhanced cooperation?

In addition, she said, taking into consideration the work of the previous WGEC and the Tunis Agenda, particularly paragraphs 69-71, what kind of recommendations should we consider?

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