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Friday, October 21, 2016

HomeGrid President says certification critical for IoT interoperability success

The President of HomeGrid Forum (HGF), Donna Yasay, has identified certification as critical for Internet-of-Things (IoT) interoperability success, reports ITRealms.

Speaking at a panel of technology peers at IoT Tech Expo in North America on how certification programmes are at the forefront of interoperability, said it’s the answer for vendors looking to keep up with today’s growing industry for smart home innovation. 

“To ensure multi-vendor interoperability, accredited industry certification programs should be used for every product to provide credibility and quality assurance for retail and carrier based customers looking to add ever increasing numbers of devices to the home network,” commented Yasay. “The successful global adoption of the Internet of Things is dependent on a robust and secure home network,” Yasay said. 

IoT applications, Yasay said, typically use simple, low bit-rate devices; hence the key requirements are in-home coverage, security and auto-configuration. 

Yasay also noted that however at the same time there is a growing need for much faster in-home networks.

Buttressing her point with a recent iGR report, she pointed out that it showed average monthly broadband usage in the United States (US) homes is 190 gigabytes per month, with more than 95 per cent of this traffic being video.

In addition, she said that Juniper Research recent study  which showed that 4K Over-The Top (OTT) adoption is set to rise from 2.3 million users globally this year, to 189 million by 2021.

This, she said, translates to 1 in 500 US residents currently watching 4K online, but by 2021, it will be 1 in 10, a massive increase in access and in-home bandwidth.

She further said that the beauty of G.hn is that it could provide a single in-home network that meets the needs of both IoT applications and ultrafast video.

“G.hn technology can provide seamless wired connectivity or a backbone for multiple wireless access points and IoT devices to greatly improve the wireless coverage within a home,” she explained.

Pointing out that today’s average household has advanced from having one user watching the occasional video on YouTube, to several users watching whole television series independently and simultaneously, using platforms such as Amazon Video and Netflix.

“G.hn is now widely regarded as the obvious choice for reliably delivering high bandwidth services and applications, and will increasingly be used to help connect IoT devices. This can either be as a backbone for low-speed wireless IoT technologies, or embedding the powerline variant of G.hn in large, fixed, mains-powered devices such as washing machines and refrigerators,” she said.

Therefore, interoperability, she said, is key to both these very different applications, stressing that HomeGrid Forum thus provides G.hn silicon and system certification through a strict compliance and interoperability testing programme to ensure the simplest and most secure means for consumers to connect their increasing number of devices and applications using the home network.

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Px: President of HomeGrid Forum (HGF), Donna Yasay

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