Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Samsung stops production of ‘flaming’ Galaxy Note 7

The South Korean Information and Communication Technology (ICT) giant, Samsung Electronics, has finally put a stop on the production of its high-end Galaxy Note 7 smartphones, following incidences of devices catching fire, reports ITRealms.
Initially, ITRealms gathered that Samsung had stopped selling Galaxy Note 7 since the flaming of its battery, across the globe.
But on Monday, Samsung Electronics announced its stopping the production of Galaxy Note 7 permanently, probably to manage the damage caused by the fire-catching device.

ITRealms recalls that mid-September, the Consumer Protection Council (CPC) had issued a seven-day ultimatum to Samsung Electronics West Africa Limited with headquarters in Lagos, to recall its Galaxy Note 7 from the Nigerian market.

CPC also had warned Nigerians to stop using the particular Galaxy Note 7.

The Council also directed that Samsung Electronics West Africa Limited should furnish it with other measures the company had taken to safeguard the safety and interest of Nigerian consumers.

The Director-General of CPC, Mrs. Dupe Atoki, said in line with international best practices, the company should immediately issue a recall notice giving Nigerian consumers adequate information on the procedure for recall and the appropriate compensation being offered.

“While awaiting the response of Samsung Electronics West Africa Limited in order to determine the number of affected consumers in Nigeria, there is an urgent need to avert whatever dangers that may be associated with the use of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in Nigeria,” she said.

Atoki had explained that Samsung announced in the United States that consumers with Samsung Galaxy Note 7 could check whether or not their phones are affected and eligible for recall by entering the IMEI or serial number of their phone in a space provided on Samsung website, www.samsung.com/us/note/recall/ insisting that Nigerian consumers could avail themselves of that facility.

She further advised Nigerian consumers who might have purchased the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 to stop using the phone forthwith as an interim measure to guide against the effect of explosion.

Stressing that the company should ensure that affected consumers either get a free replacement from Samsung, or a refund of their money, where necessary.

The Council, in a letter to the company dated September 14, 2016, signed by its Director General, Mrs. Dupe Atoki, said in part “The attention of the Council has been drawn to media reports indicating that the lithium-ion batteries for Samsung Galaxy Note 7 are prone to catching fire.

“The said faulty batteries have reportedly caused the phone to explode in 35 separate incidents, sometimes bursting into flames, damaging property and leaking dangerous chemicals” CPC warned.

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