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Monday, October 24, 2016

IIM-Africa introduces GIMC certification

The Institute of Information Management (IIM-Africa) has introduced an exclusive General Information Management Competence Certification (GIMC-Certification) to mitigate information risk and raise awareness among stakeholders and employees in several organisations, reports ITRealms.

According to the President of IIM-Africa, Dr. Oyedokun Oyewole, introduction of this certification has become imperative due to obvious prevailing information breaches in government and private entities in recent times.

Oyewole who also is the Chairman Board of Directors/Governing Council at IIM – Africa, told ITRealms that information, no matter the form in which it is currently remain a valuable asset to any organisation whether in the public or private sector respectively.

He pointed out that from the management executives, employees, customers and other stakeholders rely on the information being timely, reliable, accurate and complete to make the next step.

Equally, Oyewole noted that it’s no longer a surprise to see insider threats as the biggest risk to information management and security as employees will always be the one thing that cannot be controlled.

“Employees and other information users within any organisation constitute one of the greatest threats to information security, as the individuals closest to the organizational data and information. They do not necessarily have to be malicious to put a company at risk due to the fact that they may not understand the possible risks and consequences associated with their actions” he said.

However, Oyewole stated that good information, could be undermined in many ways, as corrupted or compromised information could cause a wide range of problems, from those that are simply annoying to those that could have a major impact on an organisation’s future.

“Information risk encompasses all the challenges that result from an organisation’s need to control and protect its information” he said.

The GIMC-Certification, he anticipated to have a huge impact on all kinds of insider information security threats, being the most effective means to combat negligence that could results in data loss or exposure as every organisation, regardless of its size or sector, handles information which must be appropriately controlled and protected against the threats, non-technical as well as technical, that could upset it.

Oyewole emphasized that IIM GIMC-Certification would promote the awareness of information management and security across board; assist employees to understand the basics of what information management is, comprising individual roles and responsibilities in the process of information creation, storage, usage, sharing and disposition; educate employees and other users on how to better manage both personal and corporate information, aimed at assisting individuals and organisations understand and imbibe best practices on how to mitigate information risk and handling of sensitive information within their establishments.

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