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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Why I’m leaving ICANN – CEO Fadi Chehande

The President and Chief Executive Officer of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, Mr. Fade Chehade has adduce some reasons why he decided to leave the world famous non-profit organization in-charge of Internet Protocol identifiers, ITRealms reports.

Fadi as he is fondly called by ICANN Internet community enthusiasts, recently announced he will be vacating office by first quarter of 2016 and precisely by end of March next year.

In his address to the ongoing 53 ICANN public meeting in Buenos Aires, Argentina, told ITRealms it was difficult decision to leave ICANN in March of 2016, though not an easy decision but the right one. 

He also said that it was in keeping with the shared commitment to clarity and transparency.

“As a community, we are on the verge of accomplishing something truly remarkable. We made a commitment to transition ICANN to a global, independent, and accountable institution and to deliver a proposal to the U.S. government on how to do it. We faced extraordinary skepticism, pressure and criticism at the outset, but we as a community rose above it, joined together and exceeded all expectations,” he said.

The ICANN community, he also said, will now fulfill that promise and present a comprehensive framework that will establish ICANN as an independent and reliable global organization that coordinates the unique identifiers for one Internet. 

“Seventeen years on, we will continue to fulfill our duty based on the same common principles and mutual commitments that have steadily interconnected us with our technical community partners - the IETF, the Regional Internet Registries, and Top Level Domain Operators around the world,” he declared.

As said by him, one of the reasons the community is in a position to make this transition, because ICANN itself has also undergone an extraordinary professional transformation to become a more stable, professional and global organization.

Chehade pointed out that presently over 300 people are in the employment of ICANN with full gender and cultural diversity, stressing that ICANN has operational hubs in Istanbul, Singapore and Los Angeles and staff working across 28 locations that regularly engage with governments, companies, end users and civil society. 

“We have improved accountability, transparency and technical competence, adding systems and processes that ensure a reliable infrastructure. Perhaps most importantly, we have exceptional leadership from a community of people dedicated to ensuring the success of ICANN and global multi-stakeholder collaboration. ICANN is well beyond one person or one executive. It now rests on the strength and integrity of the community itself and the institution that supports it,” he said.

The outgoing ICANN boss noted that after three years of intense work and extensive time away from his family, it is time to make way for new leadership. 

“Leadership that can take ICANN into this historic future. I remain profoundly committed to the operational excellence of ICANN and all for which it stands, culminating in our successful transition to a truly global, independent, and accountable institution,” he said.

On the transition, he urged for continuous steadily-stakeholders, board, and staff in lockstep - to review, complete and deliver community's proposal to the U.S. Government around ICANN's meeting in Dublin this October. 

“Let's work diligently and respectfully with members of the U.S. government to secure NTIA's review and sign-off; and from now until that sign-off, let's commit ourselves to the careful and deliberate operationalization of the community's proposals. The road towards the final sunset of the U.S. stewardship of ICANN is clear and I know each of you will join me in remaining focused on the tasks that lie ahead of us in the coming months,” he charged ICANN community.

Further, he expressed confident that the community's ethos and unequalled commitment will continue to guide stakeholders, enjoining that it should be one step at a time, so as not to miss a beat, to carry on together on this remarkable mission.
+Remmy Nweke (ITRealms)
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