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Friday, June 26, 2015

OLX to monitor platform against fraud —Lola Masha

The Country Manager, OLX Nigeria, Lola Masha has assured the public that the company has adequate measures to monitor whatever takes place on the platform, Reports ITRealms.

Speaking at the Nigeria DigitalSENSE 2015 Forum on Internet Governance for Development (IG4D) with the theme “Net Neutrality and Nigerian Internet Users,” in Lagos recently, she asserted that “With Nigerians reputed for advanced fee fraud, OLX has taken adequate measures to ensure that what comes on and off the platform is nothing but decent”.

She reiterated that classified as a concept has existed for over 500 years as a way of trading local stuff, adding that the task has remained the same over time but that only platforms of access have changed.

She said that online classified is where interested buyers and sellers place what they want to buy or sell with their contact details so that whoever is looking for such an item can easily reach each other, ITRealms gathered.

OLX, ITRealms reports, has a global presence, being in the family of Naspers which also has other companies like DSTv, Multi Choice and African Magic, it has physical presence in Nigeria, Kenya covering east African operations, and in South Africa covering Southern African operations, and an additional three different countries:  Ghana, Sudan and Tanzania which are managed from the countries where OLX has physical presence.

She assured that at OLX somebody is monitoring whatever goes on the platform to checkmate indecent postings on the site proactively. As the largest online classified globally, being in 40 countries and an approximately 200million monthly active users and 25 million new monthly listings, Masha said, OLX classified in Nigeria is mobile. She also stated that classifieds level the playing field and allow Nigerians financial benefits from the internet, ITRealms learnt.

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