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Task force key for utilization of IPV6--- says Rudman

The Managing Director, Internet Exchange Point of Nigeria (IXPN) and Vice President, Nigeria Internet Registration Association (NIRA), Mr. Muhammed Rudman has called for the formation of a joint task force that will ensure  the deployment and utilization of Internet Protocol version 6 (IPV6) across stakeholders, ITRealms reports.

Rudman took this position on the 2nd day of 2015 DigitalSENSE Africa Media organized event titled: IPV6 and Broadband Penetration, a Nigeria IPV6 Roundtable, in commemoration of the World IPV6 Day.

He chronicled the events leading to the emergence of IPV6, while informing participants that IPV6 which has about a zillion IP spaces was designed because the IP spaces on the IPV4 which has 4.3 billion IP address spaces was about to be exhausted and there was need to ensure that there is continuation of internet usage globally.

He said that Nigeria in particular and Africa in general, still have an abundant unutilized IPV4 addresses and therefore are very hesitant to migrate to the latest version of IP addresses. Consequently, he made an advocacy for a joint task force to ensure that all core stakeholders including internet service providers migrate to the IPV6, adding that the latest technology comes with devices like security devices, high speed and capacity which were lacking in its predecessor, ITRealms gathered.

He stated that Nigeria will continue to lag behind if there is no application of force especially from the regulatory body like the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), even though it does not assign addresses. Besides government he saud should make sure that equipment supplied to it are IPV6 compliant, even as he informed participants which included industry stakeholders, students and the press, that the International Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers is responsible for allocating IP addresses, saying that South Africa has continued to maintain a dominant position in the utilization of IP addresses in Africa with about 22 per cent of IPV6  addresses allocated to it and Nigeria coming third from a distant 7th  position on the IPV4 which, Rudman admitted, was an indication of great improvement.

The Director, Public Affairs, NCC, Mr. Tony Ojobo, while stating that the issue of migration from IPV4 to IPV6 is not a regulatory matter, called for advocacy from stakeholders to enlighten and sensitize the core stakeholders to migrate to the latest version, saying that IPV6 is faster and more improved than IPV4.  

Mrs. Nkem Nweke, the Executive Director, Operations, DigitalSENSE Africa Media, publishers of  DigitalSENSE Business News, ITRealms and NaijaAgroNet, the organizers of the event, had earlier welcomed the guests while thanking Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA), Microsoft Nigeria, Etisalat Nigeria Phase3, and other partners too numerous to mention, for their immense supports, ITRealms reports.

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