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Monday, June 28, 2010

USPF to deploy Wazobia Linux operating system

The Universal Service Provision Fund (USPF) has recommended the deployment of Leapsoft’s Wazobia Linux Operating System (OS) and local language keyboard accessible in Hausa, Yoruba and Igbo, at the Community Communication Centres nationwide.

Wazobia Linux OS is a complete Linux-based operating system designed and developed by Leapsoft Nigeria Limited to deliver quality desktop computing solutions that combine the best of open source technologies with a corporate attention to completeness, usability, and support.

Also, it represents the next step in the evolution of the desktop computing on the continent of Africa and the rest of the developing world.

USPF was established in 2003 by the Federal Government of Nigeria to facilitate the rapid achievement of national policy goals for universal access to telecommunications, information and communication technologies (ICTs).

Disclosing this, at the weekend, the leading advocate of Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) at the Kaduna-based Cybernauts.com, Mr. Cyril Terseer Nyulaku, noted that USPF recommended a nationwide proponent of its Community Communication Centres (CCC) taking advantage of Leapsoft’s Wazobia Linux OS and local language keyboard.

“These CCC exist in all the 36 states of Nigeria and Abuja. It is the first time such an endorsement is made for FOSS in Nigeria by a Federal Government agency,” he declared.

Nyulaku, who also is Internet Governance policy expert, said the project proposal was a submission of Cybernauts.com, Solidways Ventures and Dialogue Global Links for the Community Communication Centres (CCC).

“It’s a win-win for us and we are happy for Leapsoft,” he asserted.

Stressing that so far, they have been able to deploy over 3,000 personal computers (PCs) running Linux operating systems and other applications in all the Community Communication Centres and school access spread in the northern part of the country for USPF related projects.

“We have on-going for the above proponent, over 10,000 computers deployments to be made for USPF’s Community Communication Centres (CCC) and school access in various selected communities and schools in Northern Nigeria,” he said.

Nyulaku pointed out that the aforementioned are not devoid of the problem of the popularity of Windows Operating System (OS), hence, in view of this, some of the deployments are with Windows for now.

“… With the plan to migrate later to Linux OS when we can train users,” he said.

ITRealms Online gathered that Wazobia Linux provides everything today’s computer user needs for home and office desktop computing, including a stabilized, secure, stable and reliable, user-friendly Linux based operating system plus a complete set of desktop applications office suite, web browser, instant messaging client, multimedia viewers, and graphical software. It also offers the latest open source applications for developing applications, setting up a home network, running a web server to name a few.

Additionally, Wazobia Linux comprises over 16,000 pieces of software, but the core desktop installation fits on a single compact disc (CD), even as the OS is accessible in Hausa, Yoruba and Igbo, to make users feel more at home in their computing environment while Leapsoft provides professional support for Wazobia Linux.

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