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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Ericsson demonstrates ‘fastest internet’ in Johannesburg

Ericsson has commenced the demonstration of the fastest internet technology in the world at its Johannesburg office in South Africa.

Disclosing this, Manager, Marketing & Communications, LM Ericsson Nigeria, Ms Omasan Ogisi, said that the demonstration was part of showcase of the latest in multimedia and broadband technologies, including Long Term Evolution (LTE).

She also confirmed that this demonstration would last between June 21 and July 16, this year.

Ogisi pointed out that the showcasing of LTE cum Fourth Generation (4G) with a speed of 150 Mega bits per second (Mbps) and High Speed Packet Access (HSPA) evolution with up to 84 Mbps in the downlink, thrilled visitors at the opening of the session.

In addition, she said that Ericsson would be exhibiting end-to-end what the company is doing with Mobile TV, multimedia, networks and business communication suites to name a few.

Ogisi in a supporting press statement made available to ITRealms Online, quoted the Head, Ericsson Region sub-Saharan Africa, Lars Lindén, as saying that LTE/4G is the continued evolution of the 2G and 3G networks and is an integral part of the full service broadband concept.

“As the next generation of mobile communication technology, it enables the fast transfer of the increasing amounts of data in an efficient and cost-effective way, optimizing the use of the scarce frequency spectrum,” Linden said, stressing that high-speed data over mobile networks enables a rich suite of services and applications such as multimedia-based, business-centric, or just for enjoyment.

“The increased speed and significantly decreased response times, especially latency, which means that consumers can enjoy a wide range of applications such as real-time multiplayer online action gaming, social media collaboration and video conferencing effortlessly and while on the move,” Linden noted.

The statement explained that just like the Internet, the larger and faster your “pipe”, the faster you could access data.

Citing for instance that downloading a song like Waka Waka (the popular football anthem) or a three minute music video for example, on a slower network could take several minutes; however, using a 100Mbps connection, these could be downloaded in under a second.

“This ultra fast speed, coupled with new handsets from Sony Ericsson and S Ericsson, opens the way to a new exciting multi-media world. Imagine the possibilities and the access that such speeds will provide to you in a multi-application rich future. How many such clips keep you ‘hanging’ when browsing the Web of today?” part of the statement read.

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