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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Etisalat introduces 3D Internet Protocol TV

As efforts to reposition in the United Arab Emirate (UAE) and North Africa, Etisalat Group has introduced the Third Dimension-based Internet Protocol Television (IPTV).

Affirming this, the Group Chief Operating Officer (GCOO) of Etisalat Group, Mr. Ahmad Abdulkarim Julfar, said that UAE is amongst the first five countries in the world to have 3 Dimension (3D) TV, following the demonstration and launching of the service at a ceremony in Abu Dhabi.

In the presence of media and Etisalat representatives, the company launched the service officially for its customers across the UAE, making it the first operator in the region to do so.

He noted that a recent report from Informa Telecoms and Media confirmed UAE’s position in the first five countries in the world to launch the 3D TV service for its customers.

Pointing out that the service was launched in France, Belgium and Portugal in May 2010 and in Switzerland earlier this month, thus positioning the UAE as one of the world’s most technologically advanced nations.

He emphasized that it is also a strong indication of the country’s network readiness attained through Etisalat’s advanced fiber-optic network which is one of the most advanced projects in the UAE and the world, as well as one of Etisalat’s biggest investments in infrastructure.

“We are proud to position UAE as one of the first five countries in the world to bring home the 3D technology for its residents and to be the first operator in the region to launch this service to our customers,” he said, highlighting that eventually, countries globally would have the technology and operators would be able to provide the service to their customers as they gradually upgrade to the fiber-optic technology.

“However, being amongst the first few today is what distinguishes Etisalat as world leaders in technological advancement,” he said.

Julfar, further said that years ago, at a time when the world was considering the cost and returns of the huge investments that go into building a traditional network, Etisalat took the leap forward and invested in this futuristic fiber-optic network that delivers service from the operator all the way to the end-user.

“Becoming the first to launch the 3D TV service in the region is a natural and eminent advantage of this network”, he submitted.

Equally, speaking on the matter, Chief Executive Officer, Etisalat Nigeria, Steven Evans said they were delighted with this feat achieved especially at this time.

“Etisalat continues to prove itself as an innovative market leader in all the countries in which we operate as we have again demonstrated with this latest positioning of the UAE as amongst the first five countries in the world and the first in the Middle East and North Africa to have 3D TV” he said.

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