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Monday, June 14, 2010

Google changes web alert to ‘everything’

Online search engine giant, Google Incorporated, has changed its web alert to ‘everything’ to improve the service delivery of the alert platform.

Google has over 150 domains under its care and where those seeking information in many different languages which could be translated in between them; check stock quotes and sports scores, find news headlines and look up the address of local post office or grocery store to name a few, could find their search to their queries.

Google alerts are electronic mails (e-mails) sent to subscribers when Google finds new results such as web pages, newspaper articles or blogs that match their search term, even as subscribers could use Google alerts to monitor anything on the world wide web (www) including finding out what is being said about their company or product, monitor a developing news story, keep up to date on a competitor or industry, get the latest news on a celebrity or sports team and themselves.

Product Manager, Google Alerts, Mr. Marcel Gordon, revealed this in a public statement made available to ITRealms Online, saying that they have decided to rest the Google web alerts and alternate this with alert type called ‘Everything’.

He said that the company has decided to rest Web alerts because it has not be very popular, hence it was being used by a very few people.

He also said that though an alert of type ‘Everything’ would find the same results but in a more elaborate manner.

“We’ve decided to retire Web alerts because (1) they are used by very few people and (2) an alert of type Everything will find the same results,” he said.

Gordon further said that last week, Google changed all alerts of type ‘Web’ into alerts of type ‘Everything.’

“Your alert will continue to include results from all kinds of web sites,” he assured Google alert users

Explaining that the fact is that with this change, subscribers of this alert service may receive more results afterwards.

“If you find that you are getting too many results, you can change the “How often” setting to “once a day” or “once a week,” h advised.

Stressing that they can also change their search queries on the alerts management page or by removing the alert using the link at the bottom of each alert email and create it again with different settings.

He expressed hope that with this change, Google alert users would continue to find their alert useful.

Additionally, he said, there is a lot of information in the world that is not yet online, emphasizing that Google is working to get more of it digitized, such as in Google Books or the Google News archive.

“We also know that whenever you search the web you want it to be as fast as possible, with all your favorite websites at your fingertips, so we offer software like Google Toolbar and Google Chrome to help you browse the web quickly and easily,” he said.

Pointing out that search is how Google began, and it’s at the heart of what the company is doing today.

“We devote more engineering time to search than to any other product at Google, because we believe that search can always be improved. We are constantly working to provide you with more relevant results so that you find what you’re looking for faster. To that end, we’ve added services such as personalized search, which tailors results for you if you are signed in to your Google account,” he said.

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