Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Yahoo! Photos winds up in 63 days

Market Intelligence:

If you are among those who have in the year’s back, that is before 2006 created a Yahoo! photo album, then this message is for you and you have less than 63 days to migrate your album to Flickr or other platform else it would be deleted.

Champion Infotel market intelligence reports that since the purchase of Ludicorp Research and Development, the company behind the popular photo-sharing site by Yahoo! in March 2005, the migration has become imperative until October 18, 2007.

The good news, though, is that hitherto users of Yahoo! Photos album, do not need another identification for the migration, just click a button and in few minutes later the transfer is done.

Equally, on completion of the migration, an email is sent to the owner of any such account with Yahoo!

According to the company, since Flickr is now a Yahoo! company, moving of photos is easy by simply signing in with the same Yahoo! ID and password you use on Yahoo! Photos.

“Or, if you’d like to take your photos to another service you may now download your favourite photos back to your computer,” they advised.

However, an email from Yahoo! cum to you would read like this:

“Dear Remmy, thank you so much for using Yahoo! Photos. Before we go, we can help you move your photos to Flickr.

“You must decide what to do by October 18, 2007, because any photos still here after that date will be deleted.”

But if you are not ready yet, Yahoo! says that for now that’s ok and you can keep using your Yahoo! Photos account until October 18, 2007.

However, if you have taken the decision to move your Yahoo! photo album, Woo! Yahoo would be delighted to move all your photos from Yahoo! Photos to Flickr.

“We’ve started the import process for you, and we’ll send an email to alternative email address you provided while signing up for the Yahoo! photos, when we’re all done,” they company said.

On how to commence the migration, Yahoo! said that when the account owner clicks “Import from Yahoo,” the Yahoo! photos account will be placed in a queue; It may take a little while for the transfer to complete, depending on the length of the queue. It will probably be pretty quick.

While promising to send the user an email to let him or her know when the move is finished, Yahoo! informed that photo stream on Flickr is sorted by the date the migrated photos will just be slotted into the photo stream using that same date. also promised to do its very best to use as many information about the migrated photos as possible such as in their titles and descriptions, or whether they belong in an album.

Additionally for more information, Flickr invite subscribers to review its Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about what will happen when photos arrive.

Above all, users of Yahoo! mainly in developing countries of the world based on investigation showed that much information was not passed for this migration and requested that much campaign should be implemented.

Relatively, industry observers said that why Yahoo! seems quiet about the move is to limit the number of those migration, which in other words suggest that Yahoo! may after all be regretting its free online photo album, after all, it has achieved its aim of engraving Yahoo! in the minds of millions of Internet enthusiasts globally.

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