Wednesday, August 01, 2007

ICANN’s At-Large shops for scribe

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) has announced an immediate opportunity for a Secretary for Regional Affairs for the At-Large Community Working.

ICANN is the global co-ordinating administrator of the Internet based in the United States.

ICANN added that this position entails acting as the Secretary for the constituency of individual Internet users known as ‘At-Large’ within the organisation as regards the work of the Regional At-Large Organisations (RALOs).

Confirming this development, Director at At-Large Mr. Nick Ashton Hart, said that the five regional organisations aggregate the Non-Governmental Organisation (NGOs) who are participating as representatives of individual Internet users within ICANN.

This, he said is a full-time position and requires light international travel.

Successful applicants, he said, would assist in strengthening the capacity of the elected regional officers in providing effective coordination and administrative management of the community within each of the five geographic regions recognised by ICANN.

According to ICANN, the responsibilities of the secretary would include planning for the capacity building of RALO leadership structures, policy guidance to the director of At-Large on conceptual strategy development and management of the implementation of overall strategies and intra- and inter-divisional policies and institutional as well as management processes.

In addition, the scribe would assist in the planning and managing activities as well as meetings undertaken by the regions, preparation of documents for presentation to regional bodies and other policy-making organs of ICANN, as appropriate.

Just as the secretary is expected to help in instilling best practices in policies and procedures adopted by RALOs, and providing advice and draft proposals on structuring of work programmes for transparency and effectiveness in reaching consensus decisions, assist regional leaders to translate ideas for programmes into budget proposals together with the programme of work and priorities they encompass.

Such candidate, ICANN said must have thorough knowledge and understanding of supporting the secretariat function in an international policy-making cum decision-making context among others.

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