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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

VIA PowerSaver gets CSC endorsement

Leading innovator and developer of silicon chip technologies and Personal Computer (PC) platform solutions, VIA Technologies Inc, has announced the endorsement of its advanced PowerSaver technology by the China Standard Certification Center (CSC) for its outstanding energy efficiency.

The first technology of its kind to receive CSC recognition, VIA PowerSaver, was commended for having practical applications in the effective reduction of processor power consumption, resulting in greater energy efficiency and economic benefit for businesses and consumers.

China’s equivalent of the energy star programme in the United States (US), the CSC aims to encourage energy efficiency through a certification program that rewards power saving and environmentally friendly designs.

Known formerly as the China Certification Center for Energy Conservation Products (CECP), the CSC is a non-profit organization that encourages manufacturers to produce resource-efficient products and helps consumers make more sustainable purchase decisions.

Given stronger central government emphasis on energy efficiency and growing public concern for the environment in China, CSC product approval is becoming increasingly important for both vendors and consumers alike.

Technical Department Director, China Standard Certification Centre, Chun-Yan Zhu, noted that in order to realize the goal of an energy efficient society, certification organisation like CSC need support not only from the government and the community, but also from commercial enterprises like VIA with a strong sense of social responsibility.

“In certifying VIA’s PowerSaver, the CSC recognizes that VIA’s advances in developing energy efficient technologies can make a significant contribution to China’s environment as computing becomes more ubiquitous in our society,” he said.

VIA PowerSaver technology dynamically adjusts processor clock speed depending on the performance demands of running applications.

During less intensive tasks, processors can run at lower frequencies, thereby generating less heat and consuming up to 40 per cent less power than in fixed-frequency operation.

This, experts said, is not only reducing power bills, but also significantly aids efforts to reduce the amount of CO2 emitted into our environment.

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