Wednesday, August 15, 2007

TrustVeriSign hits Nigerian market

An independent Internet security and intelligent services provider, TrustVeriSign, has entered into the nation’s Information and Communication Technology (ICT) market.

Managing Director, TrustVeriSign, Mr. Davids Awenebi who disclosed this said that via the company’s website seal programmes, customers are allowed to display the seals once they have been evaluated and confirmed to meet the programme requirements.

According to him, the company is here to market its reliability and privacy seal programmes to promote trust and confidence on the Nigerian Internet airwave.

Mr. Awenebi added that the TrustVerisign reliability seal on a firm’s website confirms that its a registered and approved member of the programme and that it has been reviewed to meet trust in advertisement guidelines and follows good customer service practices.

He explained that the Internet offers a huge base of potential customers at a global scale, stressing that since they may not be familiar with the firm, most customers would need assurance from a trusted third party that this firm does what it says it does and would not just run away with customers money.

Quoting reports from recent surveys, he said, that online shoppers feel more confident buying from a website displaying a reliability sign.

As said by him, an online survey by GBN Live revealed that over 90 per cent of online shoppers recognize and would be more confident buying from a website that has the TrustVeriSign reliability seal.

“The seal on a firm’s website tells potential customers that the business is committed to high levels of ethical business practices and customer satisfaction,” he declared, adding that his firm has been in business for over a year, and has a satisfactory record with TrustVeriSign.

“It also means it is committed to work with customers and the TrustVeriSign to resolve disputes that might arise,” Mr. Awenebi said.

TrustVeriSign reliability seal, he said, adds value to a merchant’s website whether or not the business sells product online, pointing out that many consumers use the Internet nowadays to gather information before making a traditional transaction by phone, fax or in person at retail outlets.

Mr. Awenebi further explained that the TrustVeriSign seal tells potential customers that the business will deliver on its promises in the real world and the virtual world, noting that for online shoppers, trust is everything and for consumers shopping online, privacy is a major concern.

“The first sign that tells the customer you value their privacy is through an easy to understand and easy to find privacy policy,” he said.

He listed some of the customers already on the programme to include, Promohost, World Paypal, Nigeria Location, and Your Investment Expert, GBN Live, Sky Decoded and First Voice to name a few.

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