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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

LASPOVOND endorses Celtel’s payphone

The Lagos State Association of Phone Operators, Vendors and Distributors (LASPOVOND), otherwise known as, Commercial Telephone Operators (CTOs), has applauded Celtel Nigeria for introducing its Jembi ‘Red’ payphones in the Lagos Coastlands region.

Speaking through the Chairman, LASPOVOND, Oshodi-Isolo branch, Mr. Emmanuel Idakoro, the operators gave kudos to Celtel for initiating this kind of payphone deployment in the country.

He also said that Celtel is the only operator so far that when it issues a tariff plan stands by it.

“Celtel is the only operator that if they say the tariff is N1 it would remain N1, unlike other competitions who would say N1 and at the end charge N1.10k,” he said.

He also endorsed the Red payphone from Celtel, saying it has tested the product in the last two weeks and declared, “its working and I know that when Celtel promise, they deliver.”

Welcoming guests at the launch, the General Manager, Lagos Coastlands Region at Celtel Nigeria, Mr. Ayo Gbeleyi, said that its first from the telco, stressing that the launch is in respect of the importance, Celtel attaches to the people in the region.

“We’re introducing Jembi Red payphones to empower more Nigerians and give more people, including those who do not have phones and those who live in the rural areas, the opportunity to communicate with their friends, family and business associates at cost effective rate and conveniently,” he said.

Mr. Gbeleyi added that Jembi ‘Red’ payphone is a complete business tool, which offers the user several services including voice calls, text messaging (SMS) and value added services (VAS) in either prepaid or post paid mode.

“It’s a very secured system and posses such distinctive security features as flexible recorded keeping attributes, ability to connect with printers and scanners as well as a high capacity internal battery which provides over seven hours talk-time.

“Also the battery can be easily recharged,” he said.

He emphasised that the device has been specially tested and proven by Celtel engineers and customer interfacing unit, customer care team, as well as some key stakeholders.

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