" ITREALMS: Exposed! Lagos school attempts cover up for suspending Ms Marvelous Barinada, over Peter Obi wrap - ITREALMS+video

Saturday, March 18, 2023

Exposed! Lagos school attempts cover up for suspending Ms Marvelous Barinada, over Peter Obi wrap - ITREALMS+video

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In what seemed like drumming solidarity for Ms Marvellous Barinada, the pupils of Odomola Junior Secondary School, Odomola-Epe in Lagos State were seen engaging on false wrapping exercise with unused posters of the Labour Party (LP) led by Mr. Peter Obi in a viral video, reports ITREALMS.
Exposed! Lagos school attempts cover up for suspending Ms Marvelous Barinada, over Peter Obi wrap - ITREALMS
Also, industry observers, ITREALMS gathered, have raised alarm that the video is suspected to have been engineered by the school authorities under the Lagos State Ministry of Education, to implicate Ms. Marvelous in an attempt to justify why she was suspended by the overzealous principal, whose identity has remained hidden by the Lagos State authorities, for using purportedly left-over posters of LP to wrap her book.

The posters, ITREALMS gathered where meant for political campaigns but could not get the requisite approvals for pasting across the state from the Lagos State Signage and Advertisement Agency (LASAA), hence, littered in some parts of Lagos and those who stumble on the remains, even take them for wrapping of children exercise books, Akara (bean cake) among other sundry services on Lagos streets.

In a viral video available to ITREALMS, pupils of Odomola JSS 2 class in a frenzy wrap of their exercise books to the false amazement of the class teacher, who inadvertently recorded the video and asking them all questions "from where did you get these posters" with unanimous answer it was from "Marvelous."

According to the pupils in the poorly acted video, they got it from Ms Marvelous, the suspended pupil as at March 14, 2023, at the cost of N50 (Fifty Naira Only) for six, some eight and yet others 10 poster-sheets respectively for the patronising class mates.

The remaining sheets of the poster purportedly bought at N50 was not displayed but one each to those students set up for the interview class.

Although the video looked more like 'solidarity clip' for Ms Marvelous, industry observers cautioned that it most likely be afterall a set up to cover up for the act of the principal, who claimed that Ms Marvelous was campaigning for Mr. Peter Obi of Labour Party, despite that the controversial presidential election ended almost a forth-night ago.

Investigations by ITREALMS revealed that the clip was an alleged arranged clip, as some two other students were already standing supposedly in front of the class with display of the poster conspicuously aside the ones some pupils were made to display on their desk for wrapping of their books without anyone actually completing the false wrapping exercise or even being at various stages, even if they have commenced.

Some educationists who spoke to ITREALMS on the clip, on condition of anonymity, said there is no how all the students will dedicate a day for wrapping of exercises in the school instead of at home, that it beats reason and behavour pattern of pupils, rather than face their class work with the presence of a teacher.
Exit sheet for Marvelous Barinada - Exposed! Lagos school attempts cover up for suspending Ms Marvelous Barinada, over Peter Obi wrap - ITREALMS
In addition, they posited that instead of admonition the class, the teacher-producer simply went ahead to record with any pupil actually making attempt to wrap any book, as it was practically impossible for any body let alone pupils to use a full poster sized not less than A3 to wrap a 40-leaves exercise.

Further investigations, ITREALMS gathered, revealed that the teacher-producer asked her last question, "where is that Marvelous" only to be told that "she was not in school" which brought the video to a prompt end; further indication that the clip was poorly scripted and acted, moreso after Ms Marvelous was sent home.

ITREALMS recalls that following a viral Facebook post by the father, Mr. Barinada, with a screenshot of the 'exit slip,' read, “This is to inform you all that my daughter, Marvelous Barinada, was exit (sic) from Odomola Secondary School today, March 14, 2023, by the school principal, just because my daughter uses Peter Obi’s poster paper to wrap her school notebooks, and this girl is just 10 years old; she doesn’t know anything about politics, but she was sent away from school without informing the parent because they said we supported Peter Obi and the Labour Party."
“Please, is this act by the school principal good? See what the school principal wrote in that letter. And after (sic), we will say we are one Nigeria.”

Equally, the school principal had in justifying its suspension of Ms Marvelous Barinada stated in the slip that she was "campaigning for Mr. Peter Obi against the wish of Lagosians."

"Miss Barinada Marvelous of J.S.S 2R is hereby permitted to go home to campaign for Peter Obi against the wish of Lagosians," read the exit sheet.
The exit was promptly signed by the Principal, yet to be identified even by the Lagos State Ministry of Education.

Investigations revealed that the 2-minutes-17-seconds video clip was made in a class purported to be Marvelous' class with her class mates, to give credence to why the school principal by-passed the vice principal of JSS to sign off on the exit cum suspension sheet, just to make a point.

However, reacting to this development, the Lagos State Ministry of Education said it is investigating the complaint of a parent, Mr Barinada, who alleged that his daughter, Marvellous Barinada, was sent out of Odomola Junior Secondary School, Epe, for using the poster of one of the contestants in the last election to wrap her books.

A press statement from the Ministry of Education quoted the Commissioner as saying the unnamed principal has been invited to explain what actually transpired, before the amature video of Marvelous class mates in frenzy wrapping exercise, surfaced early hours of Friday, March 17, 2023.

“The Lagos State Ministry of Education is investigating the complaint of a parent that his child was sent out of school for using the poster of one of the contestants in the last election to wrap his books. The incident was reported to have happened at Odomola Junior Secondary School, Epe," the Lagos State Government’s statement read.

In addition, Lagos State said that “The ministry has recalled the principal, who will be asked to explain the incident. The Lagos State Government, the Ministry of Education, and all its agencies will never instruct any school principal, personnel, or teacher to act in such a manner.”

Despite that the Commissioner for Education, Mrs Folasade Adefisayo, reassured the public that the matter would be dealt with “within the scope of our strict regulations as the reason for sending home the student is unacceptable – if true.”

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