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Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Mueller to speak @ IGP 7th conference in Hague - ITREALMS

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Professor at the School of Public Policy, Georgia Institute of Technology, Dr. Milton L Mueller, would be speaking at the Internet Governance Project, 7th annual conference in the Hague, reports ITREALMS.

This was disclosed to ITREALMS by Dr. Mueller who said that the conference convenes scholars, practitioners, and government officials under the theme ‘From Internet Governance to Digital Political Economy.’

According to him, the conference would hold next month, October between 17 and 18.

The entire programme is free and potential participants could follow the link to register and follow proceedings online.

The conference’s objective, he said, is to reframe analysis of Internet governance as digital political economy, which provides a more systematic understanding of the forces driving digital policy issues and a better grasp of the challenges leading to conflict and the feasible paths forward.

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